How Do You Know When a Pisces is Done with You?

when a Pisces is done with you

What would you do if you don’t know when a Pisces is done with you?

You still love your partner, but it seems like they’ve checked out.

Is there a way to still salvage your relationship?

Would it be better if you just walk away?

Whenever things start to get wrong in a relationship, it can make for a very anxious and stressful environment. You know that things aren’t ideal in your relationship, but you’re not sure if you still have what it takes to keep going. You love your partner, but you don’t know if they still love you in return. No relationship is ever going to be guaranteed. Breakups suck, but they’re unavoidable when two people just aren’t meant to be together. The fact of the matter is that there are only some couples that aren’t built to last.

If only there were a way for you to know if a breakup was coming. There are several things that you could do to prepare for it. You could either fight harder to keep the relationship afloat. But you could also brace yourself for the incoming pain and torment that you’re going to feel. Breakups can be painful, but it helps if you can anticipate them before they strike. Very few things hurt more than getting blindsided by a romantic partner, leaving you all of a sudden.

Fortunately, there is a way for you to figure all of these things out. You have to muster up the willingness to consult astrology, and then you will have your answers.

Figuring Out the Pisces

The Pisces is one of the most curious out of all the Zodiacs. They are incredibly emotional, but they have great artistic spirits. They always like to find a way to channel all of their feelings into creative pursuits. However, their emotionality can get the best of them a lot of the time. This could spell for a lot of trouble in your relationships. Naturally, you might have figured them out a little bit, but if you’re reading this article, then you’re struggling.

If you feel like they’re starting to withdraw themselves from the relationship, do a double-take. They might just be having another one of their emotional spells. If that’s the case, wait for them to deal with it on their own, and they’ll come back to you. Although, it’s also possible that they’re contemplating breaking up with you. Here are a few signs that a Pisces might be done in the relationship.

They Spend Less Time with You

A Pisces might be emotional, but it’s not normal for them to start up any conflict. Instead of bringing drama into the relationship, they will try to isolate themselves from you. This is why they might resort to spending less time with you.

They Prioritize Their Friends

More than just spending less time with you, it’s possible that they will also be prioritizing your friends. Instead of going out to dinner with you, your partner will choose to spend time with friends. This is their way of breaking away from their negative feelings.

They Withdraw from Intimacy with You

Don’t expect a Pisces to get intimate with you if they feel like they’re done. It’s almost impossible for a Pisces to get physically close with anyone without getting emotional about it. And if they’re confused about their feelings, then they’re probably not going to be interested in getting intimate at all.

They Start Fights with You

You know that a Pisces is always going to hate confrontation. This is why it would be really out of the ordinary for them to try to pick fights with you. You know that this is different and that there’s something wrong when they start things up with you.

They Don’t Make an Effort to Make You Feel Appreciated.

Usually, the sensitive Pisces would always be the first to make you feel loved and appreciated in the relationship. However, if they’re done with you, then they won’t be so willing to make that effort anymore. It will be as if any effort you put into the relationship will go unnoticed or unappreciated. And that’s going to hurt.


There you have it. Now you know whether your Pisces partner is done with you or not. The question that you have to ask yourself now is what you’re going to do about it. Are you going to try to save your relationship, or are you going to give up on it? Regardless of what you choose, make sure that it’s the decision that is right for you. This way, you won’t end up having any regrets about it.

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