How Do You Know When a Virgo is Done with You?

When a Virgo is Done with You

Are you in a relationship with a Virgo?

Do you feel as if that relationship is starting to fall apart?

What will you do when a Virgo is done with you?

Does your relationship still even have a chance at survival?

Are you still clinging to the hope that your love life can be salvaged?

The worst part about having questions like these is the uncertainty. As you continue to read the rest of this article, you have to brace yourself. This article might not reveal to you the truth that will make you happy. However, what this article can do is provide you with a sense of certainty over your situation. It’s always unfortunate whenever a relationship doesn’t turn out the way that you want it to. It can be a very stressful situation. This is why it’s okay if you’re seeking the answers from higher powers.

The Virgo isn’t always going to be the most emotionally open sign. This means that they aren’t still going to make their feelings and emotions all that obvious to you. The problem with that is that it can leave you in the dark about your relationship, and you don’t want that. This is why this article will try to shed some more light on the personality of the Virgo and how they act when they’re fed up in the relationship. This way, you are in a much better position to take control of your relationship. You just aren’t making any moves now because you don’t know what to do. After this article, you will get a better idea of what you need to be doing.

Figuring Out the Virgo’s Personality

Before we get to the signs that a Virgo is done with you in the relationship, there are a few things about their personality that you might want to acquaint yourself with. Sure, you might be in a very intimate relationship with them. However, that isn’t always going to translate to you knowing a whole lot about them. This is especially true with a Virgo who tends to do an excellent job keeping everything suppressed and locked deep inside. So, here are a few key things that you need to know about a Virgo’s personality:

  1. They are perfectionists. They are always going to want things done a certain way, and they have very little flexibility. This makes for a very stressful relationship environment a lot of the time.
  2. They don’t like sharing their feelings. These people don’t consider feelings and emotions to be assets in life. They might see these as weaknesses. They are incredibly ambitious, and they don’t want their feelings to cloud their judgment.
  3. They are incredibly loyal. Once they are in a relationship with you, then they are going to fight for it with all their might. However, they are realists as well. If they realize that something can’t be fixed, they wouldn’t be afraid of just walking away.

Signs the Virgo is Done with You

Okay. Now, it’s time to discuss the many ways a Virgo might be done with you. Be careful. Perhaps, if only one or two of these apply to your partner, then there’s not much to worry about. Although, if a lot of these things sound familiar, then you know that’s a severe problem in your relationship.

  1. They will criticize you over practically every little thing. Sometimes, it will even get to the point wherein they will want to make you feel bad for screwing up.
  2. They won’t display any emotional or physical intimacy towards you.
  3. They will want to ask you about your feelings for the relationship a lot more often. This is just their way of analyzing the relationship more thoroughly.
  4. They will try to control you. They have become fed up and are trying to make the relationship meet their standards.
  5. They will ask for more independence. A Virgo is already pretty independent, to begin with. But if they start asking for more autonomy, they’re slowly withdrawing themselves from the relationship.


So, what do you think? Do you feel like you were able to learn a few things about the Virgo? Do you now have a greater sense of certainty over your situation? Hopefully, you are in a much better position to act now than you were before reading this article. Again, whenever you feel lost in life, never be afraid to consult the Zodiacs. Astrology has a lot of answers that await those who seek them.

Life doesn’t always have to be so difficult. If you can get a little help by fishing for some wisdom from astrology, you should capitalize on it. Learn more about astrology by exploring our website for more educational articles like this.

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  1. Well my husband is a Virgo, I am a Virgo, and our daughter is a Virgo. We have all of our birthdays and our anniversary within four weeks. How can I keep my husband of nearly 40 years happy. I am now physically disabled and can’t hold up my share of the work around our house. I feel bad, but I don’t have any control over the things that are wrong with my body.

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