How Does A Narcissist Act When Caught Cheating? 8 Things A Narcissistic Partner Might Say

Finding out that your partner has been unfaithful can be really upsetting, making you feel like everything you thought was solid in your relationship is crumbling. When people with narcissistic tendencies are caught cheating, they often react in predictable ways to avoid taking the blame and keep control.

In this discussion, we’ll look into the typical responses and tricks used by narcissistic partners when they’re caught being unfaithful. By understanding these behaviors, it can help you better handle situations with narcissistic partners and protect yourself.

1. Denial and Gaslighting

When confronted with evidence of infidelity, a narcissistic partner might vehemently deny any wrongdoing, attempting to twist the truth or manipulate the situation. They might say things like, “You’re imagining things, I would never betray you like that,” leaving you questioning your own perceptions and sanity.

2. Deflection and Blame-Shifting

Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, a narcissistic partner may deflect blame onto you or external factors. They might say, “If you were more attentive, I wouldn’t have to look elsewhere,” shifting the focus away from their betrayal and onto supposed flaws in the relationship.

3. Minimization and Rationalization

To make their actions seem less bad, a narcissistic partner might try to make their cheating seem not so serious. They might say something like, “It was just flirting, it didn’t really matter,” trying to make it seem like what they did wasn’t a big deal.

4. Manipulative Apologies

Narcissists may offer apologies that lack sincerity and are solely aimed at appeasing you or avoiding consequences. They might say, “I’m sorry if you’re upset, but you have to understand my needs,” attempting to guilt-trip you into forgiving them without addressing the harm they’ve caused.

5. Playing the Victim

To get pity and avoid taking the blame, a narcissistic partner might act like they’re the one who’s suffering. They might say things like, “You’re always blaming me, I can never get anything right,” trying to make you feel bad for doubting them instead of focusing on what they did wrong.

6. False Promises and Overcompensation

To earn back your trust and make their cheating seem less bad, a narcissistic partner might promise big things or give you lots of attention and gifts. They might say, “I’ll do whatever it takes to make things better, I won’t do it again,” but they might not really feel sorry and just want to keep controlling the situation.

7. Gaslighting the Past

In an attempt to rewrite history and manipulate your perception of the relationship, a narcissistic partner may gaslight you about past events or incidents related to their infidelity. They might say, “You’re exaggerating, that never happened,” causing you to doubt your memories and enabling them to evade accountability for their actions.

8. Projecting Insecurities

Narcissists often project their own insecurities onto others as a defense mechanism to deflect attention away from their flaws. They might accuse you of being paranoid or untrustworthy, saying things like, “You’re always so suspicious, maybe you’re the one who’s cheating,” in an attempt to divert scrutiny away from themselves.

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