How He Really Sees You Based On Your Kissing Style

Have you ever been paranoid about your kissing skills? Don’t worry. A lot of us have been there. You’re not alone in this paranoia. And if you’re somewhat insecure about the way that you kiss, that can even be a good thing. It shows that you’re not contented with how you are. You are always looking to improve. You are always trying to make yourself better. It shows that you have a willingness to admit that there is always room for improvement; that you can always learn new ways to become a better kisser.

There’s no denying that kissing is just one of the most important aspects of building a life of romance with another person. It’s almost like the gateway gesture to pure physical intimacy between two human beings. A lot of people even base the value of their relationships on how good the chemistry is when they kiss. You might just believe that you are destined to spend the rest of your life with a person based solely on how they make you feel after a kiss.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that only inexperienced high schoolers are the ones who should be worried about the way that they kiss. It’s always good that you maintain a sense of self-awareness in your relationship. So it begs to ask the question: how good of a kisser are you? and how do you know if you’re doing it right nor not? Well, it all starts with being able to determine what kind of kissing style you have. There are certain styles that have certain effects on a man’s perception of you. And it’s always good if you make yourself aware of these styles and the effects they can have on your man.

Here are a few of a common styles that most women have with their kissing; and what specific effects they can have on their men.

Your Style: Aggressive

You are the type of woman who really brings a lot of energy and passion into your kisses. You don’t hold back. You try to bite his lips and his tongue. You incorporate a lot of licking into your kiss; and as a result, you tend to incorporate a lot of saliva and moistness as well. You are also fond of using your hands to get rough with him.

The kind of image that you are portraying of yourself with this kiss is one of dominance. Usually, guys don’t typically respond to aggressive kissing, but it all really depends on his personality as well. To be safe, make sure that you aren’t so aggressive when you’re in the early aspects of your relationship. Only rev things up when you start to get to know him better.

Your Style: Simple

You keep things basic. You don’t try to overdo anything. You don’t force your way into his mouth. You don’t shove your mouth down his throat. You always like to keep things simple. You are likely to be the one who pulls away first during the kiss. You don’t really like to stray too far away from what you know and you can be fairly predictable with how you kiss someone.

This may work in the short-term. He might not be all too upset about it. But over time, if you’re still going to refuse to evolve, he’s going to find your kisses boring. He is going to want to find some real passion, love, and intimacy behind your kisses. And if you don’t make him feel your affection for him, then he isn’t going to find much fulfilment when he kisses you.

Your Style: Bubbly

You are the one who can’t stop smiling when you kiss. You always bring a certain innocently positive energy into your kisses. You are always subtly giggling and laughing. You can’t contain the joy you have when you’re kissing the man you’re in love with. You are fond of cute and innocent little pecks. You don’t necessarily like to use your tongue a lot.

If you keep up what you’re doing, he might find it very endearing at first, but over time, he’s going to see you as a child. Of course, it really varies depending on the guy’s taste. You just have to make sure that he’s the kind of guy who responds well to bubbly energy.

Your Style: Sexual

You are the one who goes all out with your passion and sexual energy. You use a lot of tongue; and you like to make use of your hands and body as well. You are pressing yourself up to him a lot. You are almost like an aggressive kisser except that you incorporate more feelings and emotions into it.

Again, it depends on his taste. If he’s a sexual creature himself, then he’s going to respond well to your advances. But if he’s a little shy, he isn’t exactly going to want to engage with you on the same level. Know your audience.

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