How is a Scorpio man in Love

While a Cancerian guy might be all moody and clingy, a Leo guy will be all supportive yet egoistical. A Taurus guy might be over-the-top stubborn and so forth. So have you ever wondered what a Scorpio guy must be like? How’s he like in love? How do most of them express their emotions? Most people are familiar with common traits of a Scorpio man when he is in love, example jealousy and controlling behavior.

Here is a quick look at what a Scorpio guy is really like then.

A Scorpio guy is most likely to be:

Reserved: The Scorpio guy has a thick coarse exterior, no matter his beliefs. He might be silent on the outside but possesses an abyss of emotions deep down. The next time you go to a party or some other such public occasion and notice a guy who appears to be a wallflower sitting in the corner quietly observing everything he is probably a Scorpion.

This isn’t to imply he’s rude or proud with an antisocial flare about him. It just means he really likes privacy even when in a social setting. However, it should be kept in mind that is not the case with ALL Scorpio men; it is just a generalization which applies to most, if not all, Scorpio men.

Opinionated: The mind of a Scorpio man works like a machine on over-drive. Pick up on almost any subject from food and health to the occult and everything in between and he will bombard you with all these intricate yet quite intriguing ideas and opinions, it will leave you flabbergasted.

This is to say that most Scorpio men have very strong, whether that is positive or negative, opinions and beliefs etc. They are also quite enthusiastic about shedding light on those opinions and beliefs. In fact, you can expect a Scorpio male to have some basic knowledge and strong opinions plus feelings about most of the subjects under the sun.

Having an intense gaze : Another quite obvious marker to spot a Scorpio is to look deep into his eyes. The eyes are a window to the soul indeed like they say then you will probably feel like your soul is being stripped bare by the mere flicker of a Scorpio man’s gaze.

It might also attract you towards him or give you ample reason to want to get to know him better. In either case, his gaze has had its effects. It is just one of those things you cannot ignore and brush off of your shoulder, like a fly off the wall. – Continue reading on next page

A Scorpio man in love:

His feelings:

You might come across some arguments as to how a Scorpio guy behaves when in love. Despite everything, just know that just because he flirts with you or shows an extra bit of chivalry for you it doesn’t mean he has feelings for you. It isn’t that smooth for Scorpio men. What’s more is that when they do develop feelings for you, they come out straight with them and tell you rather than bottling things up.

If he sees you as a friend, you will know from him. And if he sees you as more than just a friend, that too will be out in the open. Although it is sometimes claimed that Scorpio guys do not fall in love easily unless that special someone has a bit of mystery twirling around them.

How does a Scorpio man act around someone he loves?

So, how does the Scorpio guy act one he does fall in love? When it happens and he falls for someone, there is no coming back from it for him. The first thing to notice is that he will go out of his way to do things for the one he loves.

Now, this might be a trait found common in men having a different zodiac. But the next trait a Scorpio man in love shows is not someone thatВ other men show so obviously as well, which is that he becomes possessive.

Here, keep in mind that the Scorpio zodiac is symbolically represented by the spider. And so, much like the spider, a Scorpio man will slowly and intricately begin to weave a net around the one he so dearly loves call it a love net.

And just like the spider will do anything, go to any lengths, to ensure its prey stays in the net, a Scorpio man will also adopt his own ways and even become a bit manipulative, just to make sure his beloved belongs to him and him alone. The bottom line here is that he will go to almost any length to make sure the one he loves stays with him foreveror for long enough, at least.В – Continue reading on next page

How Does a Scorpio Man Express his Love?

Knowing all the above fact, the obvious question arises here: so how does a Scorpio man express his utmost love and devotion to that special someone? And as unlikely as it seems, the answer is tougher to come up with than you might think.

Most Scorpio men fall into two broad categories when it comes to the how of expressing love. There is the kind which finds it very hard and unlikely to express their love. This is the kind that is kind of shy and though these type of Scorpio men must have dated a lot in their life, they have expressed love only to a few of them. It is never because they do not like some of the others. They were just either too shy in expressing it or a tad slowclearly.

On the other hand, the second type of Scorpio man is the one that just goes for it. He does not even believe in bottling things up especially feelings as strong as those of love and affection. One reason for this is that Scorpios dislike losing. It might come off as selfishness. But what they like becomes theirs for the taking. That means a Scorpio man will do what it takes to not lose her.

For Scorpios, much of life is a battle, one they feel they have to win. Losing just isn’t in the cards for them. If their loved one rejects them, it’ll be a bruise to their ego. When unexpressive, Scorpios aren’t afraid of rejection. But they’re in it for good once they make it past that barrier. Also, he doesn’t let go easily either.

A Scorpio guy can be hot and cold:

Some people often ask Scorpio guys things like why they act so hot and cold; why they stop talking to the other person for so long yet not calling it quits. So there are some facts you should get straightened out while getting in a relationship with a Scorpio guy.

Their sudden mood swings: Scorpios gets overwhelmed easily. That tends to push them off the edge sometimes and brings on their sudden mood swings. He will be thinking of multiple things all at once, and will focus on all of them when he just needs to focus on one. That is why if one moment your Scorpio guy acts all lovey dovey and sweet, he might become distant the next moment.

May not give you all of his attention: As stated above, the mind of a Scorpio is thinking about multiple things simultaneously. For a Scorpio, difficulties are more like problems that have to be solved with their undivided, resilient attention. That is why a Scorpio guy might choose not to talk to you for some time, for he is actually trying to solve something by focusing on it intensely.

There is always more than meets the eye, now isn’t there? So when it comes to a Scorpio man, just remember this fact most of all. And do not always take his silence and lack of attention towards you as "he is upset with me attitude.

Is reluctance to make a commitment: A Scorpio man takes issues like getting committed into a true relationship more serious than all the rest of his issues. This implies that even if you two hit off nicely, it might take him some time to reach that stage where he truly commits to the relationship and offers you his loyalty. And if he cheats on you, just know it’s because he thinks that you are not the one for him.

Sensitivity: Given how sensitive Scorpio men can be, they deserve to own the handle with care and precaution tag. They might be tough and macho from the outside. Yet appearances deceive too. Deep down, they’re very sensitive. Be careful what you say to them in the heat of the argument. It might not be such a big deal to you, but to them it might be.В – Continue reading on next page

Advice for dating a Scorpio man

Sharing a life with a Scorpio man can be an adventurous, wild and vibrant experience. Once you make it past their course exterior, you’ll discover a passionate side hidden beneath. Treat it gently and affectionately; that loyalty comes with a dark side too: Scorpio men can be oppressive, jealous partners.

Here’s some dating advice to handle a Scorpio man.

Be honest: Don’t play games, twist words and facts or bottle things up from your Scorpio man. They rarely trust anyone so don’t make them regret it.

Be confident: A Scorpio man might be dominating and possessive in the relationship, but he still likes and respects a woman who holds her ground and does not give in easily. Therefore, remember to be confident and stand up for yourself and what you believe in.

Be cautious about behaving manipulatively: Don’t forget a Scorpio man is the ultimate mastermind of manipulation mind games. Hurting him will only incite that "destroying you" or "teaching a lesson" attitude in him. Scorpios don’t let things go, keep grudges for long therefore, vengeance is among their highlighting traits too.

Be patient when it comes to understanding him: He might confuse you a lot at times, might behave irrationally and so on. He might also not be very good at explaining his reasons for doing what he does and how he does it, all the while something is going on in is mind which he is keeping from you in that moment. It can be difficult to understand a Scorpio’s mentality. If you don’t understand, let him explain in his own time.

All the above mentioned facts and details do not apply on all the Scorpio men out there. Simply because not all Scorpios are the same. The general, innate traits are definitely the same about all of them as they belong to the same zodiac.

Despite that, everyone goes through the trials of life differently and so, there are different aspect in which a Scorpio man evolves. So goes for the way he chooses to express his love and devotion to you.

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