How To Choose The Perfect Guy For You 101

Don’t look for a flawless body, look for a beautiful soul.

This is for you; you wonderful, beautiful, amazing, and glorious lady. You are an astounding woman who is deserving of a special love. You deserve to be in a relationship that makes you feel fulfilled and happy. You deserve to be in love with someone who actually adds meaning and depth to your life.

And that’s really the tricky part. It’s about finding the right guy who is going to be able to make everything as perfect as possible. So how exactly do you go about doing that? Well, read on to find out:

1. He should love all of you – flaws and imperfections included.

He shouldn’t be picky. He shouldn’t be treating you like a buffet – wherein he gets to pick and choose the parts that he likes and he just gets to skip over the stuff that doesn’t tickle his fancy. He should love al of you including your flaws and blemishes. He should love you enough to recognize that your flaws are part of what make you who you are.

2. He should be there for you consistently even when it’s a major inconvenience for him.

A relationship isn’t always going to be convenient. A relationship isn’t always going to be offering you perfect conditions. And he should understand that. It’s going to be composed of a lot of ups and downs -and he should always be there for you regardless of what the situation is. He shouldn’t only be showing up when he knows he can gain something out of it.

3. He should always make sure to include you in the decision-making process.

He shouldn’t be so proud so as not to include you in the decision-making process. He should always treat you like a real partner. He should always value your opinions on important matters. He should always be willing to hear out whatever you have to say. He should be a guy who is always willing to listen.

4. He should understand the importance of constant growth and development.

He should be a guy who is really serious about constant growth and development. He should always be striving to be better than he already is. He shouldn’t be so proud so as to think that he is already perfect and that there is no more room for improvement. He should always be humble enough to acknowledge that he still makes mistakes – and he should always be willing to learn from them.

5. He should share reconcilable beliefs and principles with you.

Granted, the two of you aren’t necessarily going to agree on everything. You are both very unique and special human beings after all. You each have your own individual worldviews and it’s okay to have a few fundamental differences here and there. However, you shouldn’t be so different to the point that you are unable to reconcile your personal beliefs and principles. Otherwise, your relationship is going to be dysfunctional.

6. He should always see you as an equal.

He should always be seeing and treating you like a genuine equal. He shouldn’t be placing you too high up on a pedestal; expecting you to be more than you actually are. And he shouldn’t see you as someone who is below him either; someone who he can just boss around and demean whenever he wants. He should see you as a real partner; someone with whom he can take on the world together.

7. He should be willing to have difficult conversations with you whenever necessary.

Not all conversations are always going to be easy in a relationship. In fact, you should expect to have plenty of uncomfortable discussions with your partner. And he should be willing to have those discussions with you. He should always be willing to have difficult talks with you – because that’s one of the most important ways the two of you can get closer to one another.

8. He should be ready to commit to you just as much as you’re willing to commit to him.

It’s really a matter of commitment. There are very few problems in a relationship that sheer commitment can’t fix. A lot of couples who are in love will have their relationships falter on them just due to their inability to commit to one another. So it’s fairly important that you find a partner who you know is going to commit to making things work with you.

9. He should want to make things work with you.

Of course, at the end of the day, the both of you should realize that the relationship isn’t going to be easy. And that’s why it really pays to have two people in the relationship who are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that things work out for the best. You need to be with a man who isn’t going to shy away from the responsibility of taking care of the love that you have for one another.

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