How To Find Out If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Infidelity is just all around us at this point. No relationship is safe. There are just too many temptations in the world today, and there are so many opportunities for people to be unfaithful. And while that truth can be hard to swallow, it’s the truth. It doesn’t matter how long you might be in a relationship together. It doesn’t matter how in love you might be with one another. All it really takes is for one person to slip up. All it takes is for one mistake to be made; and voila. The relationship is put in jeopardy.

Of course, you would never want to be put in a position to cheat on your partner. Or worse, you never want to be cheated on by the woman you love. However, it can still happen. And you certainly don’t want to be made a fool of. You don’t want to be continuing to invest yourself in someone who isn’t really all that committed to you. You don’t want to keep on giving so much of yourself to a relationship that isn’t giving back to you. You don’t want to be loyal to a woman who just can’t reciprocate that kind of loyalty towards you as well. That’s why you need to keep your eyes peeled out as much as possible in your relationship.

Yes, you want to be assuming the best of your partner. You never want to be taking such a pessimistic view of the girl you’re in love with. But you can’t be blinding yourself to the red flags either. Sometimes, the signs are going to be staring you right in the face. And you’re going to have your love blinding you in the spots where it counts. And you can’t have that happen. You always need to be on top of things in your own relationship – even the bad parts of it; even the parts that make you uncomfortable.

So how do you know if you have a woman who is cheating on you? You can keep an eye out for the signs.

1. She suddenly puts a lot of effort into how she looks.

She suddenly ups her game when it comes to her appearance. You know that she isn’t making herself look pretty for you. You know that you aren’t the target audience for her new looks.

2. She starts to withdraw herself from your group of friends.

She is slowly starting to exclude and withdraw herself from your group of friends. It’s just a natural reaction to all of the guilt that she is feeling inside; the guilt of cheating on you.

3. There is a significant drop in your sex life.

She isn’t so keen on having an active sex life with you at this point because she is getting her needs met by another man. She doesn’t look to you for sexual satisfaction anymore.

4. She spends less and less time with you.

She doesn’t really like to spend much time on you anymore. Why? Because she is obviously being preoccupied by another man in her life.

5. She acts secretive around her communication devices.

She doesn’t want you to see the proof of her infidelity and unfaithfulness. She doesn’t want you to see all of the incriminating evidence.

6. She keeps mentioning this new friend that she’s met.

During your conversations, a random name just keeps on popping up; and it’s a name that she has been mentioning rather too frequently. And you know that there’s something fishy going on here.

7. She nags on you a lot more than usual.

She is constantly nagging on you and pointing out your flaws and mistakes. She is always making you feel bad about yourself in the relationship.

8. She has irregularities with her schedule.

She suddenly has to spend a lot of odd hours at work. She suddenly has to spend weekends away from you. She never had to do these things before, but she’s doing it so frequently now.

Now, these are only a few signs that she’s really cheating on you. Whether or not she’s cheating on you for real depends on the situation. And how you move on from this in your relationship is also very much dependent on the nature of your personalities. If you feel like you still have a special kind of love that is worth saving, then you should go ahead and try. But if you feel like you can’t move past something like this, it’s better to just walk away. At the end of the day, cheating is always a tricky situation; and you’re going to have to make a very difficult decision. But you’re just going to have to make sure that you stick to that decision. You have to make sure that you own up to it and that you don’t doubt yourself.

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