The 4 Compliments Every Woman Really Wants To Hear From A Man

Ladies, what’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

No matter how amazing of a guy you think you are, no matter how highly you rank yourself on the list of ‘Best Boyfriends Ever’, the thing you’re bound to slip on is giving out compliments. Everyone may think that this is solely because girls are picky, well yes, they are picky and most of them do tend to be overly sensitive but to say that it’s only their fault is unfair.

I feel like since I’ve generalised some flaws in women, I get to point out some about men, they’re clueless. It’s like hearing compliments from your partner sometimesВ is the equivalent of banging your head against the wall.

Compliments shouldn’t be thought of as the easiest things ever since they’re just ‘words’, right? Wrong. Words can start wars. The wrong compliment can start a cold war. Even though you intended it as a good thing, your intention isn’t what showed, your incompetence did.

A compliment needs to be given according to the circumstances. You might have heard people say that a compliment has no time boundaries; however, the truth is that in order to make a compliment an effective one, it needs to be said at the right time.

The second thing you need to remember when giving a woman a compliment is what her preferences are. She might like compliments about her appearance more than her mannerisms or vice versa. If you’re someone who finds themselves to be turned down each time you give a harmless compliment, it might be because (other than her sensitiveness) your obliviousness to assess the situation.

1. “I think it’sВ adorable how you *insert specific mannerism*”

Something which every girl absolutely adores is when their guy notices the little things about them which even they are unaware of. However, the second their partner mentions it, they feel like they’re the luckiest person on the planet to have them.

The thing with these specific compliments is that you can’t go wrong with them. No matter how hard you think this is, I assure you it’s the easiest trick in the book to win anyone’s heart because you’ve probably been with your partner long enough to recognise a few little things about her. – Continue reading on next page

2. “You know so much about this”

Be honest, everyone has a skill set even if it’s a very limited one, there’s bound to be something that they excel at. Whether it’s sports, cooking or creativity, she’s obviously good at something. You should try to make her feel like she’s the best at it because even if she isn’t the absolute best, she’s at least better at it than other people.

When you compliment someone like this, it makes them feel appreciated and loved. Try to use these whenever you see her doing something with a smile on her face indicating that she thinks and probably is pretty good at it.

3. “You pick good stuff”

This is for when she excitedly shows you whatever she bought, this isn’t a clich that only applies to girls because let’s face it, new things excite everyone. So, when she shows you her new clothes or her new stationary, try to act interested in the conversation and tell her that what she bought is good.

You need to be extremely careful with this one because although it is highly effective, it can be highly dangerous in some circumstances as well. If you keep repeating it over and over again at everything she shows you then she’ll just storm off angrily because you’re not interested in the conversation. Truthfully, you kinda weren’t.

This compliment is a generalisation of all the compliments you can give when you’re being shown stuff she bought. Try to make them as genuine as possible.В  – Continue reading on next page

4. “I wish I was as good as you are at *inserts trait*”

Try to say it without the sarcasm or you’ll blow it. Complimenting someone whilst comparing them to anyone else is a big no, however, complimenting someone by comparing them to you is acceptable.

Suppose that she just showed you how good she was at basketball or scrapbooking, you might be fairly good yourself at these but in that moment when you see how happy these specific things make your partner, it’s better to think that yes they are better at it than you are. Don’t let the competitive side of you show in these cases.

The gist of this is that no matter what you have to say to her, be sure that it’s genuine and sincere. A compliment not said is better than one said at the wrong time. Compliment her on things you know she likes to hear . I assure you that you’ll be in the list of the “Best Boyfriends”. Do you want to be on that list?

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