How To Make An Aquarius Guy Fall In Love With A Sagittarius Girl

If you are reading this article, it’s likely that you are a Sagittarius woman who is madly in love with an Aquarius man. And you know that you’re in love with him to the point that you actually want him to fall in love with you too. Of course, you would always want the person you love to fall in love with you as well. But how exactly do you go about doing that? You can’t force someone to fall in love with you and you already know that by now.

But what if we told you that there are a few tips and tricks that you can pull off to TRY to get the Aquarius man to become romantically interested in you? Remember that with the Zodiac signs, it can be somewhat easy to predict the nature, tastes, preferences, and character profiles of certain individuals. And it’s the same with an Aquarius as well. There are certain personality traits that they have and you can use the knowledge of these traits to put yourself in the best position to actually gain their affections.

However, it’s important for you to manage expectations. If you are overconfident, then you risk coming off as arrogant and cocky. You never want that to happen. You still want to stay humble and you want to make sure that you stay genuine. You can’t just be acting in ways that don’t make you feel like yourself and expect another person to fall in love with you. You still have to be true to yourself. And sometimes, that means that your Aquarius man won’t really fall in love with you. But it’s better that than to have him fall in love with a version of you that you’re not comfortable with being. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind if you want an Aquarius guy to fall in love with you.

1. Show off your wit and your intelligence.

He is a very intelligent guy. He has great intellectual depth. And if you’re going to grab hold of his attention, you need to show him that you are a force to be reckoned with as well. You have to show him that you are smart enough to keep up with him and challenge him.

2. Be his absolute best friend.

Just be his friend. He doesn’t really have that many friends because of his loner personality. Show him how valuable having a reliable friend can be.

3. Be as honest with him as much as possible.

ALWAYS stay honest with him. NEVER lie to your Aquarius guy. Trust is important to him. In fact, it’s a necessity. He will not want to have anything to do with you if you lie to him.

4. Stay patient with him as he discovers his feelings.

An Aquarius isn’t always going to be so in touch with his feelings. He is a very unemotional guy. That’s why you really have to take your time with him. Stay patient with him. He will come to terms with his feelings eventually. You just have to give him the time and space to do so.

5. Give him the space that he needs.

He isn’t going to want you to smother him. But this shouldn’t really be an issue for you because you are the exact same way. You both value your space after all.

6. Be supportive of his goals and dreams.

He is a very smart guy and he knows of his potential. So, you really have to show him that you won’t hold him back. You have to prove to him that you won’t impede his growth. You have to prove to him that you are supportive of his goals and dreams.

7. Learn to control your feelings.

You might be a very emotional person as a Sagittarius. And that can mostly be due to your passion and zeal for life. However, you need to be able to keep your feelings under control if you don’t want to scare away your Aquarius man.

8. Open up about yourself.

Make him trust you. You are going to have to get him to trust you by opening up about yourself. You have to be able to make him feel like you are comfortable with him and that he can be comfortable with you.

9. Be as consistent as he needs you to be.

Try to stay consistent. An Aquarius isn’t really going to want to waste his time with you if you can’t show him consistency. You need to prove to him that he can really rely and depend on you. You can’t be wayward with your efforts.

10. Don’t give up your freedom and individuality.

You are a Sagittarius who always looks for freedom in life. And you don’t have to give that up. An Aquarius is level-headed enough to actually give you the freedom that you need to still feel fulfilled.

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