How To Make Him Want You More: 10 Tips To Make Him Crave For You!

Let’s talk about making your relationship more awesome – we’re going to look at simple things you can do to make your connection stronger. From fun actions to keeping things a bit mysterious, these tips are all about making your time together super special.

Get ready to discover the secrets to making your relationship not just last but become even more amazing with each passing moment!

1. Call him by cute names often

Make him feel special by tossing in some sweet nicknames. Whether it’s “babe,” “sweetie,” or something unique, these little names create a cozy connection. It’s like having a secret language that’s just for you two. The warmth in his smile when you use these names is your secret weapon.

2. Keep him guessing

Spice things up by adding a dash of unpredictability. Surprise him with unexpected plans or change up your routine. A little mystery keeps the excitement alive. Life’s an adventure, and he’ll be hooked on wondering what delightful surprise you have up your sleeve next.

3. Touch him unexpectedly

Actions speak louder than words, right? Well-placed touches can speak volumes. A playful pat on the back, a lingering hand on his arm – it’s like a secret code for closeness. These subtle gestures keep the flame burning and let him know you’re physically and emotionally connected.

4. Be genuinely interested

Show him you’re not just along for the ride, but you’re genuinely interested in the journey. Ask about his day, listen to his stories, and share yours. Being present and engaged creates a bond that goes beyond the surface. When he knows you care, he’ll crave more of those meaningful moments with you.

5. Support his dreams

Be his number one cheerleader. Encourage his aspirations, celebrate his victories, and offer a listening ear during challenging times. When he feels supported and understood, he’ll naturally crave the comfort and encouragement you uniquely provide.

6. Be confident and independent

Confidence is magnetic. Pursue your passions, have a life outside the relationship, and show him that you’re secure in who you are. Independence is attractive, and when he sees you thriving in your own world, he’ll want to be a part of it even more.

7. Plan surprises for him

Take the initiative to plan surprises that cater to his interests. It could be a spontaneous date, a homemade meal, or a thoughtful gift. Surprising him shows that you’re invested in making him happy and adds an element of anticipation to the relationship.

8. Embrace spontaneity in the bedroom

Surprise him with unexpected moments of intimacy. Be open to exploring new things together and keep the passion alive by introducing spontaneity in your physical connection. A sense of adventure can make him crave those intimate moments even more.

9. Show appreciation and gratitude

Express your appreciation for the little things he does. A simple “thank you” or acknowledging his efforts goes a long way. Feeling valued makes him want to continue making you happy, creating a positive cycle of affection and connection.

10. Maintain a sense of mystery

Keep a little mystique in the relationship. Share, but don’t reveal everything at once. The allure of the unknown can be captivating. It keeps the relationship intriguing, and he’ll find himself wanting to uncover more layers of who you are.

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  1. Be true who you are and make your relationship center to God before you making date to him be ready of all aspects ..

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