How You Can Tell If Someone’s Lying

It’s not always easy to tell if someone is lying to you, especially if you’re not close to them. But there are ways they talk that can give you a better idea, like repeating your question or keeping answers short.

Here are a few ways to tell if someone might be lying, according to experts.

1. Their answers to questions may be shorter

When someone isn’t telling the whole truth, they might give short answers like they’re hiding something. Imagine you asking about their weekend, and they just say, “It was alright.” Pay attention to these quick replies, as they could be warning signs. If you notice these speedy replies, it’s like a clue that something might not be quite right. Time to play detective and figure out the puzzle!

2. They avoid giving specific details

Liars might avoid sharing what we call “verifiable details.” These are specific details that can show whether their story is true or not, like exact times of events, names of places and people, the way they got somewhere, and the exact words they used in a conversation. While it’s okay to forget some things, if someone you’re talking to seems like they’re not being clear on purpose or avoids answering questions about details, it could mean they’re not telling the truth.

3. They start out talking slowly, then speed up

When someone is lying, they might pause and speak slowly at first, giving them time to make up a story. They could be watching your reaction and adjusting what they say based on it. Once they feel confident in their story, they may start talking faster, as speaking slowly would make them look suspicious. This shift from slow to fast can happen quickly. Honest people usually don’t have such noticeable changes in their speaking speed.

4. They tend to change their head position quickly

If you notice someone making a sudden head movement when you directly ask them something, they might be lying. They will jerk back their head, bow down, or tilt to the side, as explained by an expert. This often happens right before they’re supposed to answer a question. This body language could indicate that they’re not being truthful. It’s a sign to watch out for when trying to figure out if someone is lying.

5. Their emotions don’t match their words

Imagine someone who is telling you a happy story with a serious face. Liars might add some feelings that don’t really fit the story. Like saying they’re super happy about finding a lost something, but their face looks not so happy. That’s when your lie alarm should start ringing. Pay attention to these clues, and you might figure out the mystery they’re hiding. Trust your instincts and keep your detective eyes wide open!

6. They may repeat words or phrases

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who seems stuck saying the same things over and over again? Liars could accidentally get caught in a loop, using the same words over and again. So, if they keep insisting, “I didn’t do it, I didn’t do it,” it’s a sign to pay extra attention to someone who is not being honest with you. Those repeated words could be the secret code to unlock the truth!

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