Hugh Grant Slammed Over Painfully Rude Oscars Interview With Ashley Graham

Hugh Grant came under fire after giving extremely rude responses to model, Ashley Graham during the pre-show red carpet interview.

The Notting Hill actor not only shut down Graham and rolled his eyes at her polite questions but also appeared very disinterested and impolite throughout the interview.

Many fans found Hugh’s responses and body language so off that they branded it as the ‘worst interview ever.’

30-year-old ABC host Ashley Graham began the interview by asking Hugh, “What’s your favorite thing about coming to the Oscars?”

“It’s fascinating … the whole of humanity is here, it’s Vanity Fair,” he replied.

Moving on to the next question, Ashley asked Hugh whom he was excited to win, to which he said, “No one in particular.”

The model tried her luck with another question and asked Grant what he wore.

“Just my suit,” he said, looking very unenthusiastic.

Attempting to make the conversation delightful, Graham said she loved Hugh’s cameo in Glass Onion: Knives Out and asked,

“What was it like to be in Glass Onion? How fun is it to shoot something like that?”

However, she received a very dry and awkward response from the 62-year-old actor,

“Well, I’m barely in it, I was in it for about three seconds,” he said.

“It still must have been fun though, you had fun right?” Graham asked.

“Erm… Almost,” he said while looking away.

As she wrapped the interview with the Love Actually actor, he rolled his eyes before stepping away from Graham.

As soon as the interview clip went viral on social media, many people slammed Grant for his awkward and rude replies and felt bad for Graham.

Meanwhile, others defended him and said the model shouldn’t have continued the interview when Hugh was clearly not interested in answering her questions.

“Hugh Grant is the biggest D bag for this interview. Hugh, If you don’t want to be there go home. Worst Oscars interviews ever,” one wrote on Twitter.

“Hugh Grant steps forward to be interviewed at the Oscars, then gives most awkward, painful interview ever. Kudos to Ashley Graham for trying to get him to talk and being a pro.” A second wrote.

“Don’t worry @ashleygraham….now you see why Hugh Grant isn’t one of our favorites to interview live. Well done working around his nonsense,” TV host, Jason Kennedy tweeted.

“Anyone catch the eye roll Hugh Grant just gave after this live Oscars interview? Was he mad she called him a “veteran” of the Oscars or was he just mad at the world?” another asked.

“Hugh Grant was incredibly rude to this reporter. If you can’t be polite, say no to the interview,” added another.

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