Husband Builds a Mini Chicken Coop Town Complete with a Wild Western Theme for His Wife

Images via Mitzi Ballard on Facebook

We simply love stories of spouses who do something simply out of this world for each other.

Today’s story is about a husband who built a massive Chicken Coop Town for his wife based on the Wild West. It’s complete with mini buildings, creative colors, and a lot of happy chickens having the time of their lives.

It has a hotel and cafe, too.

There’s tiny jars, mini curtains, everything a chicken would dream of.

A cafe that’s aptly named “Eglay Cafe”

A separate mini building is a “Saloon”

A very cute stable called “Livery Stables”

For the bad chickens of the coop, there’s even Chicken Jail.

There’s even a Blacksmith.

The Rooster’s Ridge holds 15 gallons of water and even collects rain water.

This husband went above and beyond for his wife’s chickens, giving them a luxurious and happy environment to grow and be good chickens. You can check out the rest of his photos on Facebook here.

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Source: Facebook

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