Husband Refuses to Help Wife with Laundry, She Responds in an Epic Way

Images via @mumlifechoseme on TikTok

We’ve written a lot on happy marriages and how they require two people to do their best with one another to make things work. A good marriage consists of a lot of effort from both sides.

Likewise, we’ve also written a lot about toxic marriages – where one or both partners stop being involved in one another’s lives.

Today’s story comes from TikTok; it’s about a husband who refused to help his wife out with the laundry – and her response was both petty and epic; we love it.

The Story

TikToker @mumlifechoseme posted a video that received over 5 million views and received massive praise from her audience. In the video, she writes:

“I asked my husband why he hadn’t put laundry away and he got annoyed and said ‘They’re YOUR clothes.”
“I chose violence.”

She began her response by only doing her and her kids’ laundry.

In the bedroom, she only changed sheets on her side of the bed.

When it came to grocery shopping, she bought for herself and the kids.

While all her husband had was one box in the fridge.

In a follow-up video, she explained how the two had properly agreed on splitting chores amongst each other and that’s why she had to do this. And after what she did, her husband got the point. She wrote in the caption:

“I think it worked, but if time tells me differently I’ll come back with more petty moves… 🙃”

While a few people in her audience were saying this was a bit much, the majority was supportive and praised her for taking action when it’s needed.

You can follow her on TikTok here.

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@mumlifechoseme on TikTok

Images & Featured Image via @mumlifechoseme on TikTok

  1. Question……does she work?? If yes, you go girl! If not, well do the laundry, buy the food & clean ALL the sheets. Now that’s provided that she doesn’t work.

    1. I do this! I work full time.He expects me to come home cook and clean and he hasn’t worked in over 2 years! Just lazy 🤣 By the way I have my own fridge 😉

  2. To judy, even she doesnt work. Her husband must help her with chores. Taking care the kids and household chores are also work. Im a single mom, and to be honest im more exhausted when taking care my son then working. Stop be so insensitive.

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