Husband Sparks Debate by Taking Wife’s Business Class Upgrade, Leaving Her in Economy

A man’s actions on the way to his honeymoon have sparked a heavy debate. He took his wife’s business class upgrade for their flight, leaving her to sit in economy class.

Marriage is often one of the happiest times for a couple, and a peaceful honeymoon usually marks the beginning of their new life together. However, one bride started her married life feeling disappointed when she ended up in economy class while her husband used her air miles to enjoy business class by himself.

The bride shared her story on Reddit’s popular ‘Am I The A**hole’ forum, and it quickly received a huge response from fellow Redditors. Many people suggested that she reconsider the marriage after she had explained what had happened.

“I [33F] recently married my husband [30M] and we took a 3 hour flight to Mexico for our honeymoon,” the OP wrote. “I fly a lot for my job, so I have racked up a lot of miles. My husband isn’t a big fan of flying, though he has gotten better and tends to just hold my hand and close his eyes during take off and landing (mostly okay when in the air).”

“When I booked our flights I requested to use my points if an upgrade to business class became available, but made it clear I only wanted this upgrade if two seats became available and then basically forgot about it” she explained.

However, things went awry on the day of their flight. The excited bride checked them in online for their honeymoon, but when the couple reached the boarding gate, they were informed that only her husband’s ticket had been upgraded to business class, leaving her in the economy. 

“She says it seems that my husband was upgraded to business class, but ONLY him and asks if that is okay,” she wrote. “I immediately say no, we are on our honeymoon and would like to stay together. But then my husband jumps in and says, “No it’s fine, I’ll go to business class!”

“I look at him in complete shock, and he tells me that I fly all the time and have been in business class before, but he hasn’t. So he deserves a chance to experience it.”

The bride, who chose not to reveal her name, further added that she found it difficult to accept the situation because they were delaying the boarding process.

“To say I am p**sed off is an understatement. He is all smiles, taking his seat and I go back to my seat where they sit me next to an old woman with a baby on her lap where my husband should be sitting” she said.

“Within maybe 5-10 minutes of sitting there, trying to hold back tears because my husband left me alone on our flight during our honeymoon (and uses MY points for his upgrade no less), he starts to text me saying he feels anxiety over flying. I ignore the texts and stop looking at my phone.”

About an hour into the flight, feeling neglected by his bride regarding his flight anxiety, the self-centered groom made his way to the economy section. There, he offered the woman a portion of the lavish meal he had received in business class.

“[He] asks me why I was ignoring him – that he was scared and needed me to tell him it’d be okay since I am such an experienced flyer. I told him maybe he should have thought about that before leaving me alone before our honeymoon even really began,” the bride added.

“He gets angry, tells me that this may be the only time he gets to fly business class and he was giving me half his breakfast to make up for it so I could at least be supportive of his genuine fear. I roll my eyes, sarcastically say ‘thanks’ and he goes back up to his seat.”

According to the newlywed, the situation didn’t improve much once they arrived in Mexico.

“When we landed I tried to just move on and forget about it so that we could just enjoy our honeymoon, but he guilt tripped me about not comforting him via text before take off and now I am wondering if I am being unreasonable and should have just let him enjoy his time in business class and ensure him it’d be okay.”

She asked, “So AITA? [Am I the a**hole?]”

Not surprisingly, the majority of people considered the groom’s behavior a significant warning sign.

“Definitely NTA – Tell your husband actions have consequences and since he wanted to be in Business Class without you he gets to fly without you. The fact he did this on your honeymoon trip just makes it worse,” one person commented.

“NTA. Your husband made a really questionable decision and he was essentially having to live with the consequence of the decision. He jumped at the chance to sit – alone – in biz class and I guess it didn’t occur to him how evidently very reliant he is on you during flying. Regardless of his phobia, he’s a grown man, and it seems like he made it through takeoff just fine if he was asking your help when he’d already been served food,”  wrote another.

“It’s like he was using his need for you as a weapon, to make you feel obligated to forgive him for making a pretty shitty choice given that it was your honeymoon.”

“NTA. Dear, this is not a good beginning. Please do not combine your finances or make any big purchases for a couple of years. You may wish to reconsider this marriage. I am sorry, but he has just shown you who he really is,” someone commented.

“NTA, that marriage is not going last long because it as you said – he too selfish plus needy and doesn’t know how to read a room /lacks common sense & understanding,” said someone else.

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