Husband Stood for Six Hours on a Flight so his Wife could sleep – Their Photo Went Viral on Twitter

Today’s story is about true love – limitless love. When you care for your partner beyond bounds, you will do just about anything for their comfort and well-being. You would be selfless and extra caring when it comes to their health. Such is the case of today’s story that comes from a Tweet.

Twitter user Courtney Lee Johnson the following Tweet of a husband who stood on a flight for six hours while his wife could sleep, the Tweet is below:

The Tweet instantly went viral and gained more than 14,000 like and 2500 replies – but some of those replies weren’t as wholesome as expected.

The replies were caught between whether the wife could’ve slept on his lap rather than have his stand, while others were supportive of the couple by saying things like, “this is true love.”

While the world is quick to judge, we don’t know the whole story behind this photo – the wife could’ve been sick and needed rest. We live in a world where even a kind gesture can be turned into something negative by most people.

Here are some of the replies:

We think context is essential in every situation. Twitter users can deem this positive or negative, but without context, we can’t know what’s going on.

We are still happy there are people out there who would do something like this for their partners.

If you know the couple in the photo, please email us at [email protected] so we can better elaborate on what really happened.

Source: Courtney Lee Johnson via Twitter

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What do you think of this story? Is this a selfless act of love and kindness or “toxic love” as some people have called it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

  1. I’m sorry, but no matter the backstory behind this (if she was sick, worked 80 hours in a week, or whatever) he is truly showing us how REAL love should be. Period. The bottom line is he has his reason and that is all that should matter. I am in love with this photo and story!

  2. What we see in the picture is the reason the dooms day clock was set to 100 seconds before the end of humanity.
    We see a successful simp with his toxic, selfserving, gold digging Karen, who is overly entitled.
    Love does not have a thing to do with this. Love would have made it impossible for her to be such a vain b**h.

    I hope the man gets rid of this disease as soon as possible. Best wishes and luck to him. MGTOW for life.

    1. You don’t know these 2 people. You don’t know the full story, or have all the facts pertaining to the situation. Yet you are denigrating both of them, calling him a “simp”, and her a toxic, self-serving, gold digging Karen who is overly entitled, and a vain bitch. You must possess a huge amount of insecurity and zero self worth to attack this couple this way. Are you a guy who can’t keep a relationship going with a woman? Or are you a woman whose own spouse treats her with a complete lack of respect and affection?

  3. I don’t know what the situation is but, love goes both ways and wether I was ill, overly tired or whatever the case may be…I would not have or make my man stand for six hours on a plane so I could take up two seats to sleep because I love him too. Not to mention it probably isn’t safe either! JMO

  4. There is selfless love like this. My ex husband would have been happy to do this and would have demanded that I do this. There are so many ways we show each other we love each other. This warms my heart. This is an example of why they are still married. Learn something.

  5. People are just jealous because they don’t have someone to do this for them. I am absolutely in love with this picture regardless of back story. People just make me sick with all their negative comments, them people just need a good ol fashion butt whoopin like we got back in the day and they’d learn to keep their traps shut. She could have offered him to sit and just put her head on his lap but he could have insisted. God don’t like ugly and people are just being down right ugly for no reason!

  6. It is a selfless act of love! The bad comments from people, are people who to me, sound like they are heartless individuals! Society doesn’t need to hear the negativity! The negative texts are from people who have issues!

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