Husband trolled for being “Too Ugly” in videos next to his “Hot Wife”

A husband from Houston, Texas, clapped back at social media trolls who often bullied him for being too odd-looking compared to his wife, Divine.

The couple first interacted in 2017 when Philipines-based Divine messaged Scott on Facebook, thinking he was someone she knew. Although she initially thought that she had messaged the wrong guy, fate proved that he was the ‘right guy.’

So, Scott and Divine started talking on Facebook, and after some time, they developed a long-distance relationship.

In November 2017, Scott visited his girlfriend in the Philippines and was so charmed by her that he instantly popped the question. After a bit of consideration, Divine said yes to him, and the two continued their long-distance relationship until 2021.

In 2021, Divine eventually decided to move to the US, and the lovebirds tied the knot.

After their marriage, the duo made a joint TikTok account with the username @divinerapsing and started posting videos and sharing their routine life with everyone.

The couple wanted to promote love and healthy relationship strategies on their TikTok, but many followers often posted mean things under their videos.

Based on his appearance, many of their followers believed that Divine married Scott because of his green card or money, as they thought Divine was too hot to marry a guy like Scott.

Speaking to Truly in August 2022, the US resident said that he suffers from a medical condition called Scleroderma, due to which his appearance is not ‘very normal.’

“Before I met Divine, life was pretty boring. My life was at a total standstill,” he told Truly.

“I have a chronic autoimmune disease called Scleroderma that started when I was 13 and ‘morphed’ my appearance, but it’s ‘not expected to get any worse.” 

“Because you keep seeing the same thing over and over again. There’s just no effect anymore.”

“We’re just two normal people…there’s always going to be someone out there that’s not going to think about it (your appearance),” he added.

Meanwhile, Divine said that it hurts her to think people believe she married Scott for financial reasons and said that there’s no truth to these false assumptions.

Recently, the couple decided to address the negative comments asked by many of their mean and insensitive followers and uploaded a series of videos on their TikTok account where they addressed those questions.

“So, does it matter that there is anything wrong with me? She loves me no matter what anyway, so…” said Scott in his latest TikTok video.

“Enter ‘wrong’… nothing found,” added Divine.

Their video received many comments where their genuine supporters encouraged them to keep going and not pay attention to the trolls.

“Something wrong with people who are so broken they are negative, trust me nothing wrong with you. You guys are awesome,” one person said.

“People just want what you got there isn’t anything wrong with you. They are jealous that a pretty girl loves you and not them. Period.” another commented.

“Perfect soulmates, it’s what’s on the inside that matters,” a third penned.

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Sources: TikTok – TrulyImages & Featured Images via divinerapsing on Instagram

    1. She can get a green card, in another way. I mean look at her. There are thousands of Americans in the Philippines. One of her choices are ugly Chinese men, ugly inside and outside. I bet their children would be stunning. His physical looks is just an effect of an illness. A girl took in a lonely guy and youre hating. Why dont you take one? Thats why you hate her. Youre the judgmental person.

  1. Would you rather be with someone not physically perfect but would be very kind to you and your future children? You dont understand the mentality of Filipino wives. If you ask around, Filipinas make good wives. So shut up, all you brainwashed people on media that you would only be happy if your partner is physically hot. And if its true for green card, so what. Green card in exchange of a hot wife. I bet all the haters are men who cant get one.

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