I Believe In Forever Because Of You

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But then you walked into my life, and suddenly, everything just changed.

The concept of forever is such an abstract idea that I still have difficulty wrapping my head around. Even as a kid, I would find my head turning into goo; I would start developing goosebumps just thinking about the idea of forever. I’ve always been a cynic. I’ve always been skeptical of the concept. Nothing lasts forever. The only permanent thing in this world is change. Nothing is meant to stay in a singular constant state forever. It’s virtually impossible. Well, at least I used to believe in all of those things. Now, I share a particularly different view of forever. I’ve come to grow accustomed to it. I’ve grown to slowly believe in it.

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Truth be told, the concept of forever is just really alluring to me. It sucks me in like a blackhole and I just can’t escape it. Or more appropriately, I don’t want to escape it. I seek it with all of my mind and heart. I want forever for myself. I want forever for us. And it’s primarily because of you that I have come to believe in forever again. Because I refuse to believe that the idea of you and I is something that’s only temporary. I can’t believe that. I can’t accept that. We’re so much more than that and I know it.

What is forever? It’s a vow. It’s a covenant between two people. It’s a little secret contract that two people have with the universe. It’s the promise of being constant, stable, consistent, and firm. Forever means always being there for one another regardless of what the circumstances may dictate. Forever means always standing by each other’s side through good times and bad. The idea of forever is supposed to be like the feeling of warm sunlight on a person’s skin soothing, calming, relaxing. The idea of forever is supposed to taste like the sweetness of a thousand berries.

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The idea of forever isn’t supposed to be something that’s scary or intimidating. One should always be able to find comfort in the idea of forever especially when it’s a forever with the person you love most in this world. And that’s the kind of forever that I have come to believe in. that’s the kind of forever that I aspire to achieve with you. And it’s all because of you, really. You are the reason why forever doesn’t seem like such an abstract and arbitrary concept to me anymore. Because of you, forever is as real to me as the flowers that bloom in the springtime. Because of you, forever is as beautiful to me as the smile on a child’s face at the playground.

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Because of you, forever is as exciting to me as a rollercoaster ride in a theme park. Because of you, forever is as comfortable to me as the most luxurious cotton pillow in the word. Because of you, I can’t wait for forever to arrive. Forever doesn’t scare me so as long as I know that forever has you in it. I was never the type of person who would succumb to the pressures of falling in love. I was never the type of person who thought to myself that I needed love to be happy. I saw so many people around me falling in love and I also so how much messier their lives became because of it. I didn’t necessarily want to take part in any of that. I didn’t want any of that extra hassle. I shut myself off from those experiences because I was afraid and I was disinterested.

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I really wasn’t looking to fall in love with anyone. I wasn’t intending to allow myself to become such a vulnerable creature. I didn’t want to open myself up to getting hurt. I wasn’t willing to place so much of my trust into another person. I didn’t want to give so much of who I was into a relationship.But then you walked into my life, and suddenly, everything just changed. You made me realize that I wanted all of the things that I never knew I wanted. I have grown to believe in forever because of you. I look forward to the prospect of tomorrow because of you.

All of the dreams and hopes that I had for myself have evolved to become infinitely so much more because of you. You are the reason that I have grown to believe that it is possible for two people to give each other everything without holding back. You are the reason that I have grown to believe that it’s okay to be vulnerable for the one you love most in the world. You are the reason that I have grown to believe that it’s not foolish to trust in another person with all of your heart.

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Because of you, I believe in forever. And I can’t wait to spend forever with you.