I caught my wife sending photos to her ex

Hey Relationship Rules, I caught my wife chatting with her ex. I also found out that she exchanged intimate pictures with him. She tried to explain that it was just nothing and she did it just for fun for she feels bored staying at home. She cried and apologized.

Since we have a toddler, daughter, I let it go. I did it for my daughter because she needs her mom. It has been a year now since it happened. However, I sometimes feel betrayed and I feel like I should do something. 

What should I do? Please, I need your help.

Our Response

Dear Anonymous, it is truly painful when something of this magnitude happens when you’re married. Even though she apologized and told you it was just for fun, we all know that doesn’t justify cheating. It’s highly admirable that you are trying to forgive and forget for the happiness of your daughter but it doesn’t mean it won’t hurt.

We recommend you sit with her and have a transparent and truthful heart-to-heart with her – tell her it still hurts you and ask her to help you move on from it and make you believe in her. If it was a one-time thing and she really apologized, we suggest you truly forgive her and continue living a happy life with her without any regrets or negative feelings towards her past actions.

If she can’t seem to express it in words, we recommend therapy. When children are involved, it’s always better to sort things out and try all you can to avoid parting ways. We hope you and your wife can find happiness together!

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  1. Relationship Rules Ask your wife if she’s still doing this and ask her why she’s bored. See if there is something lacking in your relationship. Learn from it. Then to feel better about it. Go have make up sex or let her know you want to teach her a lesson in bed and have hot rough sex with her. This will let you feel better as you would have taught her a lesson in bed as a punishment. (Make sure she is ok and comfortable with it doing this. Get a safe word if your too rough a person.) Your will feel better that you punished her and she will feel better as she’ made up for it. And you both can move forward with your relationship. Then work on what you both are lacking. Men and women experience this same boredom she spoke of. Get it off your chest and make the relationship better.

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