I Don’t Care If I End Up Alone, I’ll Never Be With Someone Who Does These 8 Things

I am open to the idea of spending my life with a man I love. but we’re not always very lucky in finding a soul mate. some of us may just never be able to come across that one person who we may consider perfect for us. but people will settle with just about anyone, even if they’re not the one, because no one wants to end up alone in their lives. Me, I’m different. Here are some things I will never tolerate in a man, even if that means I’m going to have to spend my life on my own.

1. Somebody who hides his genuine sentiments from me.

Since I am not keen on playing around and wasting my own time including his time as well, I need an honest and open man who will not share how he’s feeling with me. Somebody who won’t be reluctant to open up his spirit and let me have a look at what’s truly in there. I need a man who will dependably be there, regardless of how hard it is. I am the first person that he should open up to whenever he is carrying the weight of any kind of thought on his shoulders.

2. A man who has no regard for our relationship.

I don’t need a man who doesn’t respect my relationship with him with all his heart and soul. I’m not going to entertain him if he’s a tricky, immature, egotistical and dishonest man who turns out to be unsure about his goals each time he’s surrounded by other women. A man who’s commitments and goals change according to his circumstances. I need a man who will regard me and demonstrate to me that I am the leading lady in his life. A man who will remain constant in keeping his promises.

3. Somebody who doesn’t try genuinely invests himself in our relationship.

No, I won’t acknowledge the kind of love that is selfish and half-assed. I will never say yes to an imagined and one-sided relationship. I’m searching for a man who will make this relationship his priority and that too, wholeheartedly. No open relationships, never any one-night-stands, no wicked games and just no fooling around. I’m at that point in life where emotions and people who are not sincere will find no place for themselves in my heart. I can’t just waste my time on people who don’t deserve it.

4. A person who discourages me.

A man who tries to break me and put me down by discouraging me, mocking me for my endeavors and not believing in me. I needn’t bother with a man who will smirk or giggle at the matter of my discouragement. I just can’t be with somebody who always drags me down and demoralizes me from accomplishing my fantasies. I need to grow. I need to fly and that I will do. I couldn’t care less about ending up alone, I will never agree with somebody who feels the irresistible need to control my life.

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