I Don’t Give Up Easily. But Once You Lose Me, I’m Gone

I am the kind of person who gets attached to people way too easily and quickly. I like to think that I have a very soft heart. I like to think that I am an advocate of love; a warrior of passion. I would like to believe that I’m the kind of person who would really fight to keep this love alive. I am the kind of person who would never take love for granted.

And that’s why I really have trouble with breakups. I really don’t like the feeling of calling it quits in a relationship. I really hate having to cut people out of my life. I hate having to detach myself from people that I’m intimate with.

That is why I tend to always look at situations from various points of view. I always do my best to consider every angle before I come to a decision on something. I try to understand the reasoning behind peoples’ actions, choices, and convictions.

I always like to try to get to the bottom of things because that’s how I find closure in life. I always like to be giving people the benefit of the doubt because I know how complex human life can be and how not everyone always knows the whole story. I always like to give chances. I always like to stretch my patience.

I always like to practice maximum tolerance especially for the people I love. I am no stranger to doling out second chances; third chances; fourth, fifth, and sixth chances.

And that is also why I end up getting hurt a lot. That is why I welcome so much pain in my life. That is why I always end up drawing the short stick. You should really know that I’m not a person who gives up too easily. You should know that I’m really not the type of person who just walks away when things start to get difficult. I’m not someone who is just going to quit when things start to become inconvenient. I am always going to fight for the most important people in my life; especially the ones who I can’t imagine living without.

I always work hard for the relationships that I am in. when something gets broken in the relationship, I fight like hell to fix it. I always fight for my relationships because I know that love is never something that you should waste or take for granted. I always try my best to make a relationship work so as long as I know that the person on the other side of the aisle is also just as willing. So, I just want you to know this one simple thing: If I have come to the decision to actually cut you out of my life, then it must be because you’ve done something that is incredibly unforgivable.

It must be because you hurt me to the point that I have failed to recover. It must be because you have hurt me to the point of losing all hope. Because if it were anything less than dire, I would always do everything that I can to sort things out. I would wrack my brain trying to find a solution to the problems in our relationship. I would always show a willingness to meet you halfway. I would always try my best to save what we have as a couple. And you know you can trust me. You know you can believe me when I say that I would even compromise my own wants and needs just to come to a compromise with you.

But I’ve decided to walk away. And this is something you can ALWAYS count on… once I walk away, I never turn back. I move on with a purpose. I move forward with conviction. I may have stayed and fought for you in the past. But once I am done, I am done. I have a big heart with a kind soul. But I also know my worth. I also know my boundaries. I also know my limits. And I can’t allow myself to just lose who I am completely for the sake of someone who didn’t show a willingness to fight for me.

So, please. Don’t make this process harder than it already is. Don’t try to guilt me into staying with you because it’s not going to work. Don’t get your hopes up because you took all of my hopes away from me long ago. I never wanted any of this but you forced my hand. You gave me no choice. I never wanted to let you go but you pried yourself from my grasp. I never wanted to walk away from you but you never gave me anything worth staying for. So fight for me. Because once I go, you’ll never see me again.

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  1. This is absolutely beautiful and true to my core!!! I felt like I was reading all my own thoughts!!! It’s amazing, completely honest, sad and heartbreaking… but being who we are is important and this give me insight that I can make it through my newest heartache with the hope I thought was gone!!!

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