I Don’t Need Anyone To Feel Complete. I Just Want Someone Who Will Treat Me Like An Equal.

I’ve always been bothered by those who tell me that they need to be in relationships to be happy. I had always hated it when people said to me that part of being fulfilled in life is falling in love with someone. Sure, falling in love is great. Granted, it’s one of the most exceptional experiences that a human being could ever have. However, it’s not the key to being happy in life. I don’t need a man to make myself feel complete. I already feel perfect on my own, and no one should ever get to question that. I look down on all those girls who think that they need men to be worthy of living. I feel bad for a lot of women who believe that their place in life only revolves around being attached to a guy’s arm. I can understand why someone would think that. However, I can’t bring myself to respect it. And I’m never going to feel that way ever. I hate the fact that so many people are convinced that they can’t find happiness unless they’re in romantic relationships.

A Life Beyond Love

Don’t get me wrong. Love is grand. It’s so amazing and beautiful, especially when it’s pure. Love can be the one thing that all people strive to live for. However, love isn’t something that is always going to take a romantic form. Love can also mean love for yourself. Love also means doing whatever it takes to take care of yourself and to make sure that you’re happy. Love doesn’t always have to be something that is shared with another human being. Love can be something that you have all on your own.

That is why I have always made it a point to make sure that I am a strong and independent woman. I pursue all of my goals and dreams on my own. Additionally, I understand that my ambition must come at the expense of my comfort. Moreover, I know that sacrifice is necessary on the road to success. But I don’t mind all of that. After all, I’m always going to choose to put myself first. That is why I’m not interested in finding a man to make myself feel complete. I am perfectly capable of doing that all on my own.

An Equal Partnership

But that doesn’t mean that I don’t look for love. Regardless of everything that I’ve said here, I still aspire to find love with someone. It’s essential that you don’t misunderstand me on that front. However, my definition of love doesn’t mean being with someone who I can cling to. For me, being in love doesn’t mean having someone who does everything for me. It’s the total opposite of that. For me, true love is only authentic when two people work like hell to be each other’s partners in life.

I am never going to be willing to compromise my goals and dreams of being in a relationship. I would never be willing to give up who I am to be with some guy. I am comfortable being on my own. However, I still want to be with someone with whom I can share all of my successes, fears, accomplishments, failures, lessons, and setbacks. That’s just how I genuinely think love should look like. And in that scenario, I don’t need to be with someone to feel complete. I am with someone whose completeness merely complements my own. And I think that’s the most beautiful and most sustainable kind of love.

A Love That’s Built to Last

Inevitably, when you get into a relationship, you always want to last for as long as you can. And sometimes, that means doing whatever you can to lessen the friction in the relationship. You want to relieve your relationship with as much pressure as possible. And if you keep on being reliant on your relationship for completion and fulfillment, then that would be too much pressure.

Do you want to make your relationship last? Make sure that you find that sense of fulfillment first. After that, you are ready to find true love with someone who would be just as fulfilled as yourself. And then the two of you can start building your love as partners… as genuine equals.

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