‘I have Two Children with my Half-Brother, and we’re Desperate to Get Married – People Tell us to Burn in Hell, but it is True Love’

A woman who shares two kids with her half-brother is now fighting for the right to get married to her sibling.

Ana Parra from Barcelona, Spain, who was abandoned by her father as a child, met her half-brother, Daniel, when she was 20 years old and instantly fell in love with him.

Today, the couple shares two kids together and wants to tie the knot.

“My mother told me that my father had left us to start another family and that he had had another child,” she told Spanish media.

She got curious about her father’s kid (Daniel), whom he had with his second lover, and tracked him down on Facebook.

The mum-of-two didn’t reveal her current age or say anything about when exactly she met Daniel but admitted that she fell hard for him when she met him for the first time.

“We didn’t want to realize it, we were angry with ourselves because it was hard to admit and break that taboo: we are siblings even though we didn’t feel that way,” said Ana. “We were partying, we approached each other slowly and gave each other our first kiss.”

Parra said she was really ashamed of what happened between her and Daniel and wanted to get rid of the feeling but couldn’t help it.

“We went our separate ways, we were somewhat ashamed of what had just happened.”

Speaking about their first romantic interaction, Daniel said, “That kiss broke all barriers, marked a before and after, it was like a reality check.”

The half-siblings tried hard to stay away from each other but then they met again a few days after their first kiss and became inseparable after that.

“Imagine liking a girl and, for a moral reason, being forbidden to be with her,” said Daniel. “It’s really hard to deal with.”

They kept their relationship private until a few years ago when they took a trip to London and felt comfortable acting like a couple in public for the first time.

Since then, both Ana and Daniel have been quite vocal about their relationship.

“That was the first time we can say that we behaved, in public, like a real couple. We went out to dinner, we took walks. It was like an explosion of freedom,” said Ana.

The couple appeared on a Spanish TV channel earlier this year to share their ‘forbidden love’ story.

“We didn’t feel like telling everyone our story one by one, so that’s why we decided to tell it this way,” Ana told the media personnel. “There are people who have written to us on social media telling us that we’re going to burn in hell.”

However, the couple said they haven’t let the brutal criticism get to them and have no plans to stop loving each other.

They added that their kids know they are half-siblings but are just ‘too young to understand.’

“Societies must advance and not cling to traditionalism. Homosexuals were also not allowed to marry, and now they can,” Ana said. “We love each other, and that is what should prevail. We are not harming anyone. That is why we want people to know our story.”

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