TikToker Says He is No Brad Pitt, But He Won’t Date Ugly Women

A Scottish man refuses to date ugly women even though he knows that he looks nothing like Brad Pitt.

42-year-old machinist Kevin is a single dad from Scotland who wants an extremely attractive and beautiful woman in his life.

Recently he spoke to The Sun and said he has high standards and won’t settle for anything less in life.

“I’m not into ugly women,” he said. “I’m not saying I’m Brad Pitt but I know I can pull reasonable women.”

“It does make it harder to find someone if you’re only going for the high-end appearance. Your work is going to be a lot harder, and loads of other men are probably going to be after them.

“But I’m just not willing to settle for second best. I realize I could be on my own for a long time.”

Kevin, who goes by the username @boerboelblade on TikTok, usually makes videos about – a Boerboel, which he named Blade.

He said that his last relationship lasted for many years, but after his breakup, he has been single on and off for the last three years.

Kevin is looking for a woman with long beautiful hair and an attractive and busty personality.

Last year Kevin started dating a woman he met on TikTok, but just after a month of going out with her, he ended things.

“A lot of women just don’t get back to you. The majority never message you,” he told The Sun.

“If you do get a message from a girl I can guarantee you she will be someone that’s not that good-looking. I’ve lowered my standards before and I never enjoyed it. I’ll not be doing it again.”

About finding the right partner, the machinist said, “Finding the right person in life is a real thing. I’ve never met that person. I hope I do.”

He added that he will happily stay single until he finds a woman of his choice who is at par with his standards.

“People always ask me why I’m single. “I could have a girlfriend. I’m decent looking. I make decent money. But lots of men are single because they want to be and they refuse to settle. It’s a lifestyle choice.”

The dog enthusiast said he is not impressed with the dating apps – a lot of women don’t meet his standards, and the ones who do, don’t reply to him.

Kevin has 21.9K followers on his TikTok account and more than 273K likes.

In one of his videos on the platform, he discussed his icks about women and said he doesn’t like women who are too vocal in the bedroom.

“And that’s why you are single,” one person commented on his video.

“Jesus who’s getting in his bed,” said another.

“Jeezus Christ you done yet,” someone wrote.

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Sources: The Sun – TikTok

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  1. This man needs to be realist, sorry definitely not Brad Pitt and probably stay single for rest of his days. Sorry to be cruel but if he was last man on this planet I wouldn’t entertain him or sleep with him. . A woman needs to feel good not belittled by a overgrown school boy so ladies if any common sense avoid him l quick smart !!!!

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