I Know It’s Hard, But When Someone Decides You’re Not ‘The One’, You Move On

Heartbreaks, losses breakups we’ve all experienced one of those in our lives. Because life doesn’t just come with happiness, it brings a whole bunch of sadness with it too.

It feels like all of a sudden your entire world, all that you’ve valued and worked for, all that you battled for is crumbling, turning to ashes and dust right before your eyes and there’s nothing you can do to stop the destruction. There’s nothing more agonizing and horrible than ending a relationship you that you thought was a two-way road and not a one-sided thing.

There’s nothing more terrible than realizing that your partner’s emotions about you have changed. There’s nothing more hurtful and heartbreaking than understanding that you’re basically not the one. Yet, when somebody heartlessly chooses to cut you off and delete you from their reality, don’t give them a chance to drive you into questioning your own self-worth.

You will have to see the light at the end of the tunnel; you need to love and respect yourself to just back off and center around your life. Say all that is on your mind and needs to be said. Make yourself as clear and well-understood as possible, yet don’t stay nearby, don’t think back, and don’t give distress a chance to take you down into the ground. It will hurt you like nothing has hurt you before, but you have to keep it together and keep doing what you were doing. You have to go on in your life. Nothing should stop you from living it up. Try not to pin the blame onto yourself. Try not to persuade yourself that you’re the purpose behind this crumbling relationship. Instead, figure out how to fathom their choice and comprehend that it was never about you.
When somebody says they don’t love you any more or you’re wrong for them, then understand that it is what it is. It’s not because you’re unlovable or not adequate.

It just implies that one door is shutting and a great many others are waiting to be opened to let you in. I know it is excruciating, yet when somebody decides that you’re not the one for them, release them. Let them go. You can’t force someone to see the good in you and love you. Cherish yourself enough to quit pursuing somebody who chose to go separate ways with you. I realize that your heart is aching, and your inner self is dying, yet let this be a lesson for you. Be strong enough to control the urges that compel you to return to the place you once considered as your home and your safe haven. Try not to surrender to your shortcoming. They made themselves clear, you’re not the one for them.

In this way, perhaps that is valid. Spare your poise and shield yourself from pursuing the things that are not meant for you. All the more essentially, protect your vitality. On the off chance that that relationship was intended to survive, you would have ended up with one another by hook or by crook. But if someone is not meant for you, it will never be yours no matter how hard you try to hold onto it. Along these lines, don’t give this a chance to scare you from embarking on a journey of finding your prime source of joy and satisfaction. You will never realize what life has in store for you.

At the point when a man concludes that you’re just not the one for them, make a point to relinquish everything that associates you with them, harms your being and start to live for yourself. Your business there is done. You can state all that you wished to say to them, yet by the day’s end, the choice they make will rely solely upon them. You may cry, think about how insensitive and heartless people can be, shout your lungs out, yet the truth still won’t change itself.

In this way, have the utmost respect for yourself to release everything and let life be. I guarantee that soon you’ll see how this is a gift to you. You are presently not observing reality as closely as you should, yet soon you’ll understand that you’re more grounded than you thought, and very special things are constantly happening all around you if you just care to stop and appreciate them. The experience of being shunned by someone will break you into a million pieces, but when somebody chooses you’re not the one, you need to proceed onward. You don’t insist on being their loved one. You just move on and let them be.
You have one life to live, so waste it trying to convince someone you’re lovable when they’re just not capable of loving you.

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