I Don’t Just Want A Lover, I Want A Lover Who Is My Best Friend

A relationship isn’t just about physical and emotional intimacy. It goes way beyond the pleasure of that first phase of rainbows and butterflies where literally everything you do with that person feels magical. Because, when that phase of getting to know each other and the excitement of it fades then the going gets tough. When you finally settle into the relationship then it’s not only the good side of your significant other that you get to know, it’s also the bad side, because the truth is that everyone has some shortcomings.

So, the only way two people can be in a relationship with each other if they are the best of friends. What a lot of us seem to underestimate and misunderstand is the importance of friendship in a relationship. Relationships can be so demanding that if the people in it are not friends, the can’t get too far in it. When two people decide to take a dive into the journey of love together, they do it thinking its going to go where and how they want it to go but the truth is, relationships are as unpredictable as anything else in life and life has so many ways of unfolding before us that sometimes, it can get crazy.

When you’re sharing your life with another person then everything that happens in your life is going to experienced by them with you and vice versa and that can be tough and complicated. The only way you’re going to get through that craziness is if the two of you are best friends who are always going to cover each other’s six.

Friendship is an indispensable part of love and relationships. Lovers need to be each other’s best friends. They need to know each other inside out like best friends. They need to share every bit of their personality with each other, have nothing hide and most importantly, always completely have their guard down with each other. When two people are in a relationship they shouldn’t always feel the need to turn to their friends for fun laughter and craziness.

They should be capable of having fun together, laughing together, sharing the craziest and even the most embarrassing things about themselves and their lives with one another. No one wants a relationship with someone they can’t be friends with. It’s never just about sharing a house and a bed. Its about being able to spend the weekends at home with your partner, having movie marathons, spending the entire day snacking on junk and finishing tubs of ice ream together.

Its about cooking meals together, trying fun recipes together, cleaning together, picking each other’s outfits for occasions, choosing haircuts for each other playing hilarious pranks with each other, being silly together, going to the movies together, talking for hours on end, going on for hours in complete silence, trying new things in bed together, working out together and learning new exercises and workouts together, going for runs together, doing something thoughtful on each other’s birthdays, making each other laugh better than anyone else, laughing so hard that it starts hurting and making you teary eyed, having your own inside jokes, being silly together and just never letting of your inner child around each other.

Lovers who are best friends listen to each other, take advice from one another, talk about everything, share their insecurities and work on them together, always help ad encourage each other be the best version of themselves. They let each other be whoever they want to be. They’re fearlessly their true selves and never try to be someone else to please their partners.

A relationship with your best friend is a journey of fearless trust, belief and faith. It’s never a bore, never a drag. Its never feels like work. It doesn’t feel like an obligation, a responsibility or something that you’ve “gotten yourself into”, most importantly it never feels controlling and limiting. It’s playful, pure, simple and easy. It will not wear you down and tire you emotionally.

On the contrary, you’ll love going home to your significant other everyday. It will be your rock, something that will give you the strength to get through the rough patches of life, it will be your happy place where you feel secure, safe, warm and comfortable. Be the best friend your significant other always wanted. It’s very important that you be the person they turn to when they have something to take off their chest and all the good parts of their life with, who knows them better than anyone else, someone they know will always have their back and someone they never have to worry about being misunderstood by.

That’s probably the best and the most fool-proof way to ensure that nothing and no one comes in the way what the two of you have and cherish. Love alone, is never enough to really get a relationship going because best friends make better lovers than anyone else.

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