I Will Work Hard For Us, But I’m Not Afraid Of Walking Away Either

I happen to be the kind of person who believes that there is value in turning the other cheek. I am the kind of individual who always likes to give other people the benefit of the doubt. I am the kind of person who typically likes to take the time to learn and understand where other people are coming from. I always like to put myself in other peoples’ shoes. I try to climb into their skin and live life the way that they have to endure it.

I like to see things from other peoples’ perspectives so that I don’t end up making any rash or ignorant judgments. This means that I have a tendency to be very understanding and patient with the people I deal with. This means that I am the type of person who is very forgiving; someone who gives second, third, fourth, and fifth chances if necessary. Granted, I never forget about peoples’ faults.

But I don’t hold it against them either. I know how to forgive and move on. In fact, I consider that to be one of my greatest strengths. I try my best to talk things out with people I am in conflict with. I always want to find ways to patch things up with another person. I am always showing a willingness to meet someone halfway just to promote the peace. I don’t really hold on to grudges because I don’t want that kind of emotional weight on my shoulders as I move on in life.

However, like all other things in this world, I have my limitations. There are just certain lines that once crossed, there is no turning back. There are certain boundaries that once violated, there is just no fixing. I am a forgiving person. But that doesn’t mean that certain acts and habits can’t be unforgivable. I am a forgiving and patient individual but I am not some kind of doormat that anyone can just walk all over.

I am not a pushover. I am not the kind of person who can be taken advantage of. When it comes to the various relationships that I have in my life, I am always going to give my absolute best in trying to make them work. Whether it be with family, friends, workmates, or lovers, I am constantly trying to establish a sense of harmony and balance within these relationships.

But I’m not so naïve so as to say that all relationships are going to turn out fine. I know that some relationships have to end and a lot of times, it can be beyond our control. And in those kinds of relationships, I am never afraid of just walking away.

If a person just isn’t worth giving another chance to, then I know that it’s okay to call it quits. If I know that a person is reluctan=t to change, then it’s probably best that I just walk away. If someone is just constantly going to let me down, then there would be no point for me to persist in that misery.

If a person is betraying me to the point that I can no longer trust them, then I just burn that bridge entirely. That individual is never going to see me again. It’s only through such drastic abandonment that I will be able to escape the toxicity and negativity that that person has brought into my life.

I only ever really like to surround myself with people who add value to my life; people who actually add to my overall happiness and emotional wealth. If someone just isn’t able to meet my standards after multiple opportunities, it’s time to go. It’s time to detach myself from that situation entirely. I don’t go testing my own limits.

But you shouldn’t take that to mean that I’m holding grudges. I don’t. I know that life is just far too short to be holding grudges for. I just think it’s much better to move on and separate myself from that whole scenario. The farther I am from that toxicity, the better of I’m going to be. I don’t want to be attracting unnecessary drama into my life. I don’t want to seek any form of revenge. I am not a vindictive person and I don’t have a vengeful soul.

I know that all of my time and energy would be much better invested in other more noble aspects of life. I know what I’m willing to tolerate and I also know what I want. The harsh truth is that there are just some people you need to cut out from your life. These are toxic people who are only going to bring you down. They are like cancer that will infect various aspects of your life to the point that you end up losing yourself entirely.

I will fight for us – but if you are cancer to me, I’m cutting you off.

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