‘I wore an adult diaper to Taylor Swift’s concert so I didn’t have to miss a single song’

Swifties are taking their passion to another level and don’t even want to take bathroom breaks in the middle of the singer’s Eras tour concerts.

Recently a few die-hard fans of the Love Story singer have taken to TikTok and shared that they are wearing adult diapers to her concerts because they don’t want to miss a single song or even half of it.

The videos showed fans either talking about buying diapers for Swift’s concert as they spent too much time and money to get the tickets or executing the whole thing on the video-sharing platform.

One TikToker @madelinedolaway shared a video on her account on May 18 that showed her and her friends getting ready for the concert, and one of her group members helped her strapping the diaper underneath her gold tasseled dress.

In the comment section, viewers had different things to say.

“The chafing is gonna be extreme,” one wrote.

“If I can hold it on a flight from Ca to HI, I can hold it for a Taylor Swift concert,” a second said.

Another TikToker, Emma Schroeder, posted a video on her account where she could be seen sitting inside the stadium waiting for the singer to take the stage for her performance.

“no one knows I’m wearing a diaper for this,” the text on her video read.

The first person to share this idea on the video-sharing platform was TikTok user @therealkatherine, who shared a video in March and said she would buy adult diapers for the singer’s concert in Houston.

Katherine posted a screenshot of the Amazon listing for a pack of LivDry adult diapers and wrote, “The amount of stress and time it took me to get Taylor Swift tickets, I will be getting an adult diaper because I am not missing a minute of it.”

“hit me up for the adult diaper plug,” she captioned her clip.

In the comment section, fellow TikTokers applauded Katherine for the brilliant idea, and some even asked her to sell the diapers at the entrance as they were sure die-hard swifties would love to buy them.

“I’m attending the Houston show and if Taylor can perform for 3 hours, I can hold it for the same time lol,” one commented.

“I’ll be there the 23rd I’ll take one. I don’t want to miss anything!!” another said.

“Same not missing a single second,” wrote another.

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Source: TikTok

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