Idris Elba’s daughter Isan Elba didn’t Talk to him for almost a month when he didn’t Cast her in his New Movie

Famous Luther actor Idris Elba recently revealed that his daughter Isan didn’t speak to him for almost a month when he didn’t cast her in his upcoming movie Beast.

The actor shares daughter Isan Elba with his ex-wife, make-up artist Hanne ‘Kim’ Nørgaard.

According to Daily Mail, the 49-year-old actor spoke on iHeart Radio’s morning show The Breakfast Club and shared that although he has a very strong bond with his daughter in real life, the on-screen chemistry wasn’t great.  

“The relationship in the film and the relationship between my daughter was, the chemistry wasn’t right for the film. Weirdly enough.”

Elba also said that after taking the decision, his producer Will Packer broke the news to Isan that she wasn’t selected for the role of his daughter in the movie.

“After receiving the call from Packer, she stopped talking to me. Said Idris. We didn’t speak to each other for nearly three weeks.”

ProducerWill also shared that he called Isan to inform her that she didn’t get the part.

“I called and talked to her, ’cause I’ve known her for a very long time … I am like ”Uncle Will for Isan.’”

“He [Idris] auditioned with her, he was very tough on her, he said, ”Listen, at the end of the day we’re going to make the best decision for the movie. I trust you, Will, trust the director,” and she was very good, very close.”

Elba further told the radio show host that eventually, he managed to convince her daughter that whatever happened, happened for the best.

He also said that he always makes sure things happen correctly when it comes to his professional life and career.

“So, Isan took it well in the end, and she even accompanied me to the film’s premiere.”

“She was very gracious about it, and we got through that, you know, and I’m really proud of her to go through that, not get the role, but still come to the premiere.”

LADbible reported that the controversy received a mixed response on social media; some fans criticized Elba for not giving his daughter a fair chance, while others argued that he played by the rules and did the right thing.

“Nepotism is how lots of people got their positions in the business world. I don’t think there is anything wrong with helping a family member get a position.” A user wrote on Reddit.

“I would totally put my kid in my movie. I would just hire all my friends like Adam Sandler and Kevin Smith did.” Said another.

“I think 90 percent of people have abused nepotism in their life, so in my opinion, it’s more weird to not go out your way to help your daughter succeed is worse parenting. Hot take, but almost every family will inevitably look out for each other.” Someone else commented.

The movie titled Beast is ready to hit the cinemas today, i.e. Friday, August 19, 2022.

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