If A Guy Does These 5 Things, He’s An Emotional Psychopath

Have you been with an emotional psychopath?

A lot of us have had our fair share of bad experiences in relationships. Many have had to undergo the grueling experiences of dating abusive men who try to manipulate their women physically, mentally, and emotionally. These are the types of relationships that ladies should always try their best to stay away from. They can leave a person deeply scarred emotionally and it can ruin the idea of finding love for them.

They may never be encouraged to pursue a relationship ever again if the experience can be particularly traumatizing.

There is a substantial amount of pain in abusive relationships. When you’re caught in a relationship with a perpetual psychopath, you have a hard time getting out. You’re left confused because things didn’t always use to be so toxic. He used to act so normally and endearing. He made you fall head over heels with his charm and charisma.

You couldn’t see the evil that was hiding under the blankets of his gorgeous smile and seductive eyes.

You didn’t know that underneath the faГ§ade of joy, happiness, and love, there was a man with a dark and twisted nature. But now you’re stuck in the relationship, and the damage has been done. You’re doing what you can to survive. You want to get out, but you don’t know-how. You were always led to believe that relationships were tough, and you needed to work on them really hard.

You thought that hardships like yours were normal and that you just needed to put more effort into the relationship. However, it wasn’t normal, and you knew it. There was something off about your relationship, and you needed to save yourself. If only you had known earlier, then you wouldn’t have had to suffer through those tough emotional and physical trials.

There’s no point in trying to salvage a relationship with someone who is crazy. You don’t deserve the pain that is afforded to you by a psychopath. At the first signs of craziness, you should always act swiftly and get out of the relationship while it’s early. You don’t want to get caught when things start getting way too deep and you no longer have the strength to climb out. Here are some signs that you happen to be dating a man who is a psychopath.

1. He always blames you whenever your relationship isn’t going well.

He knows that he’s the cause of all the turmoil in his relationship but his pride would never allow him to admit it. He is always looking to victimize you and make you believe that everything is your fault. He will make you feel so bad about being the cause of all the trouble in your partnership that you will end up feeling guilty about it.

He knows that your guilt won’t let you leave him whenever times get rough. He knows how to manipulate people who are feeling very weak and vulnerable to doing whatever he wants.

2. He lies constantly just to make you feel bad about yourself.

He will make up a lot of fake facts and data. He will twist dates and important details. He will perpetuate false propaganda about you over and over again. He will do it so consistently to the point where even you start questioning your own sanity. He will just lie to you on a serial basis.

He doesn’t think that you’re worthy of the truth and he doesn’t care about how these lies will make you feel. He just knows that the more he is able to make you doubt yourself, the more control he is going to have over you and over the relationship.

3. He says it’s your fault that he isn’t getting the most out of life.

Because he is a psychopath, he is bound to be a screw-up in life outside of your relationship as well. The bad part is that he will end up blaming you for it. He will tell you that he isn’t able to achieve his dreams and pursue his passions because of you. He will lead you to believe that he is making lots of sacrifices for you when in truth, he has no one else to blame but himself. He will always find a way to make it seem like you’re the villain in his story.


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4. He belittles you in every way possible to break your spirit.

He doesn’t want you to have any sense of self-worth. He wants to take complete ownership of your being and so he will try to break you to the point wherein you lose all confidence. He will belittle you constantly. He will never fail to point out your flaws, and he will always guilt-trip you into doing whatever he wants you to do. He is a manipulative psycho and you are his victim.

5. He isolates you from everyone else so you can’t ask for help.

He knows that loneliness and solitude can breed weakness, and that’s what he wants to happen. He wants you to become so weak to the point where you can’t survive on your own. He wants you to think that the only way you can get through life is if you stay with him. He wants you to believe that no one else is going to help you escape from the hole that you’re stuck in.

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  1. I am still in it. I walk away from any and every conflict. I do exactly to him what he does to me. I lie about everything, gas light him, steal from him, hide his belongings only to replace them to tell him he is stupid, ignorant, lazy. Item was there the whole time. I say I’m leaving for hours, come back in 5 min, lie n say I didn’t say hrs. Say I’ll be gone 10 mins, come back many hrs later. I TURNED THE TABLES!!! Without batting an eye, raising my voice. Tell him if he were to burst into flames, I’d make Smores. That I pray he has a wreck, gets trapped in burning car. Prays for death that never comes. I insult his weight, penile size and call him illierate. Worthless, pathetic, sorry excuse of a husband, son, father, grandfather, brother. His existence is an abomination. I also told him I was a witch and every time he gets sick, it’s because I put a spell on him, all the while lighting candles, sprinkling herbs around, muttering spells under my breath. Then I tell him how good he is at other things. Make incredible food. Dress provocativly, deny him access. I am on my way out, keeping him busy so he doesn’t notice. I have many many more tactics which I employ to keep the upper hand. Some days it’s quite entertaining

  2. @Yulanda Rowe You are one smart cookie. You have to play the player. This is how chess is won. Be safe though. I have an ex bf who told me no kne cared. Broke all my windows with big rocks in winter when I couldn’t afford heat. 20yrs later finds me on facebook asks if i am haunted. I was like no, are you? He had tried to kill me. Asks if i am haunted. Yeah i died and came back to life. They used the paddles on me. Do you really want to mess with me now? He changed his name on Facebook. I found him. Commented. LOL Anyway, he better stay in the past. I thought he was bipolar, but sounds more like a psychopath. Just everyone be careful around these types. They know no boundaries.

    1. I knew and worked with someone like that. I “broke up ” with him for using my talent and then feeding my insecurities. (I was an actor, he a director with I thought had homosexual feelings for me. ) A former girlfriend of his was quoted:”I’ll f..k him,but I’m not falling in love with him.

  3. The most important thing for women in a relationship or marriage is to watch the money flow and changes in where the money glows to. If a partner gets a post office box; immediately find out why- they’re hiding something critical. And SAVE your hard earned money in your own bank account. You can do joint and individual account. Your finances will save you from the lost of interest and all the other superficial clues that you’re with a loser.

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