If a man loves you, he’ll never let you go

Stop asking yourself and others why he has never tried as hard as he should and could, to have you, to call him yours. Stop wondering why, stop looking for excuses to make, stop finding ridiculous reasons.

Stop it because there’s only one answer to that question and that is this: he’s just not that into you. How hard he tries is a testament to how bad he wants you. It’s literally that simple and the only reason why it seems complicated to you is that you haven’t yet accepted the fact that he’s not all that into you, not as much as you want him to be.

He’s not confused. He’s not looking for answers and no, sorry but, he doesn’t “need time.”` He knows exactly what he wants, and it is not all of you. He’s made his decision, and that decision is to you in bits and pieces. He wants only some of you and only sometimes. He wants you in bits and pieces.

Have you thought that maybe that’s the reason why he only tries when it’s easy for him to try? And maybe that’s why his efforts feel incomplete and ingenuine to you? Deep down your heart knows he’s not what you think he is. Listen to your heart. You know he’s not shy about his love.

He’s not intimated by your personality, by your freedom and strength. He’s not overwhelmingly busy with work, family, or other responsibilities. He’s merely making excuses. If he truly loved you and wanted you, he’d put everything aside for your love and attention. He’d put everything behind him for a while and spend his time with you. The truth is, he’s only in this for himself and his convenience. Understand this: Men love to go after the woman they can’t stop thinking of.

Men have made the first move and initiated the relationship for centuries, and he’d do the exact same thing if that’s what his heart desired. But it’s not. While your precious soul is yearning for his true love if his actions tell you he doesn’t really care then the painfully harsh truth is that he just doesn’t care. There’s no way around it. People make their relationships and their bonds into what they want them to be. People make others feel they want them to feel.

You must make yourself understand this, you have to mentally prepare yourself to merely come to terms with the truth: he does not love you as you love him. He does not want you the way you want him. He’s not into you. When it comes to women, a man will do everything he needs to do to keep the woman he loves for himself and himself only.

He won’t treat her like someone he has no fear of losing. Let that sink in, and once that sinks in and you’ve finally understood where he will always place you in his heart and his life, leave. You were never meant to be shoved somewhere in the back, right behind everything and everything else, every other priority.

You are meant for a man who will love so much that he ends up finding a whole new meaning to love itself, so much that he realizes he has never loved like that before. The kind of person who will never risk losing what the two of you have. Who will truly inspire you?

The type of man who will take your calls, text you first and always text you back, never get tired of you, who will nothing be honest with you, who will never, ever make a mockery of your heart and your feeling and most importantly, a man who will give you his 100%. Not because you’re hungry for love or in need of it but because that’s what you deserve.

There’s no reason to waste yourself away waiting for someone to realize the pain they’re giving you. Don’t make yourself get used to him treating you like that. Don’t ever start to get comfortable and forget what you’re worth.

Remind yourself what you’re worth and leave like the strong woman that you are because if you don’t save yourself from a confused and self-interested man then who will? And don’t just remind yourself of the things you deserve remind yourself even more rigorously those things, that kind of true love and care exist. Tell yourself that they’re waiting for you.

All you have to do is shut your door and turn around from this never look back and make way for the right man. Start with one step at a time. Take it one day at a time but do it. Do yourself a huge favor and let go of the man who can’t hold onto you tight enough to not let you go, who can’t come running after you when you finally walk away, who just allows you to go without ever stopping you. Let him lose you so he can look back and regret his recklessness and wait for the man who will never, ever stop chasing you, who will never risk letting go of you.

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