If He Does These 10 Things, He Doesn’t Care About You

Don’t waste your time, someone better is waiting.

Ladies, if you think you’re stuck in a relationship with a man who doesn’t love you, then you should go find someone better. You don’t deserve to endure the hardships of a dysfunctional relationship.

Love can be such a tricky situation. A lot of times, it can get the best of us and leave us emotionally drained. It blinds us from the truth and lets us sink further and further into our own miserable lies. A lot of women will tend to get stuck in relationships with men who don’t really love them because of how love blinds them. They think that they can still make the relationship work even when things are practically hopeless.

Ladies, if you think you’re stuck in a relationship with a man who doesn’t love you, then you should go find someone better. You don’t deserve to endure the hardships of a dysfunctional relationship. So how do you exactly know when a man doesn’t love you? If he exhibits a few of these things, then maybe there’s a good chance that you should start looking for love elsewhere.

1. He doesn’t reciprocate your compliments for him.

If you tell him that he has a nice haircut, or that his clothes look good on him on that particular day, and it seems like they fall on deaf ears, then he really doesn’t care about you. He doesn’t give importance to your thoughts and opinions of him, and he also doesn’t care about giving you compliments to make you feel good either.

2. You catch him looking at other girls in your presence.

Your feelings don’t matter to him and he knows that you’re probably going to get hurt if you catch him staring at other women, but he can’t help it. He’s not interested in you, and he’s more interested in strangers around him.

3. He will avoid making eye contact with you at all costs.

Eyes are windows to the soul, and maybe he just doesn’t want to hurt your feelings when you discover the truth about his intentions. If you manage to see the expression of disinterest in his face when he looks at you, then you’ll get disappointed really quickly.

4. He looks like he’s always sad.

Despite being in a relationship with you, he always looks like he’s depressed. It’s as if you always leave him feeling unsatisfied and unhappy. The reason why he could be experiencing chronic sadness is because he really doesn’t love you and he knows it deep down.

5. He never replies to you on social media.

Snapchat stories? Facebook tags? Instagram messages? Yeah. It’s as if you’re engaging in a conversation with a wall. He will never make an effort to acknowledge your presence on social media because he just doesn’t care about you enough to do so. He sees you as just another person who isn’t worthy of his attention or time.

6. He doesn’t make an effort to look good for you.

Your opinions and your thoughts of him couldn’t interest him any less. He doesn’t care about what you think of how he is or how he presents himself because he really just doesn’t care about you in general. He doesn’t believe that he should be making an effort to look good for a girl he really just doesn’t have an interest in.

7. He always chooses his friends over you.

He blows you off in favor of his friends a hundred percent of the time. He doesn’t see you as an important person in his life, and he would rather devote his time to other people who actually mean something to him. His friends will always come first in his mind when it comes to choosing between the both of you.

8. He doesn’t make an effort to initiate conversations with you.

If you’re the one who is constantly trying to initiate conversations, then you’re probably the only one who is interested. Especially when you notice that he’s not interested in prolonging whatever conversations that you’re engaging in, then you should just take that as a sign to find someone new.

9. He tries to distance himself from you.

If he’s constantly making an effort to be away from you, then maybe he really isn’t the guy for you. If he always has an excuse to not spend time with you, then he’s practically avoiding you because he’s just not interested in you. He doesn’t care how it makes you feel because he hopes that someday, you’re just going to get over the fact that he doesn’t love you.

10. He never give you his full attention.

If it feels like he’s constantly distracted when he’s talking to you, it’s probably because he is. There are other things on his mind that he finds more interesting than you, and you will never have the privilege of gaining his full attention. He doesn’t leave much room for you to occupy in his mind and it’s probably best for you to just move on.

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  1. I believe when a man looks at other woman in your presence, it’s so disrespectful, and it’s giving you a hint. My ex seem to be almost perfect, he was very sweet, attentive, caring, lovable, but I discovered he’s the type he’ll look at other women from head to toe without hesitation. Biggest turn off for me. Sure enough right after, I found out he had been cheating on me with another woman, who didn’t care he had a girlfriend, and of course himself he didn’t care about me and my feelings.

  2. I would like to thank you for writing this article. It actually helped me realise certain things. I was actually confused and know I just got a clearer visión.
    I was in a relationship with a guy and things were pretty good at first. I tried to be the best versión of myself and made sure everything was perfect. But things changed and I thought it was my fault. I thought I was ruining everything so I left him. I thought that he should stay happy and I should’nt be a reason for him to not to stay happy.
    I was confused and didn’t know what to do. But now when I read this article it feels like the world turned upside down.
    Literally I just realised I was trying to hold on to someone who didn’t want me. After all we leave the best of ourself to someone who didn’t care about it right!?

  3. This is all true. I’ve been thorugh it. Just now I made my decisions. I hope I can move on with him.. It’s my fault coz I let myself into him even if I know that he not love me the way I do to him. Bless him more he played well at me ?

    1. Yeah when a guy isn’t into you . .I think we intuitively already know that’s the case but don’t want to believe that it’s that way….we tend to always want him if he dosent want us it’s so strange like that …but yeah all the things mentioned are clear indicators that he don’t give a shit about you so just erase his number or break up with him and kwe on walkin girl cause that guy is not worth your time energy or tears. You will find someone much better

    1. Same. Always hitting up different women on FB messenger and says its “harmless flirting” and that he loves only me. I called it off because. I felt that the time spent complimenting and chatting with other, mostly younger women with provocative photos could have been spent building our relationship. I also feel its disrespected amd hurtful as he never complimented me.

      1. Mine does that too, Facebook messenger 💔. In 6 years, he’s only told me I was beautiful once and that was on March 11, 2023. Pathetic I remember the date huh, cause I so badly been wanting to hear it. It went further this time when I caught him, he was sending nudes and they were meeting up. He says I read wrong and seen wrong dates and that it was during our breakup. No it wasn’t. I saw this man as my hero at one point, I loved him that much…It thoroughly crushes my soul when I think of his arms and lips on another. I get physically ill and almost hyperventilate. He stands firm on his story and spun it around on me saying I violated his trust by getting on his phone, I hurt my own feelings, nothing happened they’re just messages and no one had sex. My exit is coming, I am trying to save money which is impossible with him. He shops constantly (everything has to be name brand too), super tight jeans cause he’s proud of his average fella, plus he has to look and smell good at all times, stays gone hours and hours and I get ghosted. When he finally comes home to an angry me, he gets irate if I ask what happened? We rarely go anywhere together. When we do, he rarely pays attention to me, doesn’t hold my hand, sprints ahead of me, checks out, stares, and flirts with other women in front of me. It’s embarrassing. Esp big events like concerts. And there I am looking like a fool, feeling unloved, unwanted, undesired, not enough for him, worthless-cause everything wrong is my fault. I’ve survived a horrific childhood, lots of scars inside and out, survived a horrific adulthood, lost my closest sibling to suicide almost 6 years ago, he knows who I was when we started dating, I was broken. I’ve healed so much, but regressed so much cause he makes me feel like that poor abused little girl all over again. That little girl wondering why the ones you love the most (my mother and him) want to hit you and hurt you so badly, why wasn’t I good enough to be loved? He says I’m insanely paranoid and my trust issues are ending us. Ummm ok.

        1. Girl you better get out! He’s testing you down mentally and emotionally. Do what he’s doing. Venture out and start to love on you. You have too much energy invested in him. Once you start to distance yourself and not give him that attention, he’ll notice.

    2. yes .. I felt this.. He said he’s buay at work that’s why he is not messaging me.. But I made a fake account on ig,.. I followed him,and he followed me back in no time… I felt so stupid

    3. Yesss 100% know what you mean! I seem to be going through it at the moment in this relationship I’m in with my boyfriend… It feels so 1 sided and in a sense that I’m just being taken for granted… Any of my concerns are flipped back on me or brushed off/given the cold shoulder. And as soon as Ive left his house, it’s like I just don’t exist to him anymore, until he may need me or want me the next time..

  4. What if a woman does these thing to a man is it the same or she tells you she wants you when she is around you but when she is going she don’t want you any more

    1. Wow!😊
      Does the question hold good as the dates churn forward? Take each of the point and check how many you get as yes n no.

  5. Yes. A few of these have happened and I soon ended the relationship!!!
    I love me enough to know when it was time to walk away.

  6. Married for 15 years to a man who does not love me. Have 3 kids. No job no education. I’ve put myself aside so he can climb the ladder. Today I’m 43 and stuck. It’s a lonely dark place. Ladies please look out for red flags. Mine told me on the first date that I’m his soul mate. Today I’m the worst wife and mother. Shouts at me. Call me horrible names. After a day or so talk to me as if nothing happened and never apologized for his bad behavior.

    1. I have lived the exact same way. I knew it felt wrong but I stayed trying to fix it and hoping something would change and I wanted him to love me so badly I just kept sacrificing myself over and over. I am currently single and still find myself looking for contact from him to say he is sorry and that he made a mistake. It never changes and I hope I can heal and move on completely

    2. omg im so sorry you live that way an you gave yourself up for that pos!!!!! i will pray for you! babe you do not have to be stuck. there is ways out ya knbow there is help everywhere. you firstly need someone to talk to. i counsel volonter i am willing to talk to you day or not. trust me helps to have one person you can trust, you can reach me @[email protected] then we go from there. plz dont go thru this alone anymore. i am female btw. just thought you might want to know that. prayers n hugs, chastity

    3. Hey I am so sorry you are going through this on daily basis and I wish your heart to heal from carrying burdened wounds.. sending you love and light..

    4. I was in a relationship for 10 years with I man I loved very much. He had a previous relationship and said he was divorced and he shared custody with 3 children. I have a son of my own with a previous relationship. We dated for about 4 years before asking me to move in with him. That was probably the biggest mistake of my life. The first couple of years was great living with him. He made me feel special and was so into me. I cooked, cleaned, did the laundry, folded clothes, made coffee every morning, cared for his children and my own, we were both happy. Then I started noticing changes in him, he stop being into me and arguments would start for no reason, sex wasn’t the same and became less frequent. I was confused, he took me to meet his family, they were all great with me. However he did not want a commitment with me, he was planning to buy a home and said that he wanted nothing with me. Needless to say I found out he was cheating with a women that knew about our relationship, I found out years later, he used me and mentally and physically abused me. He told me to leave 6 months ago, I packed all my belongings and I was hurt and in so much pain and till this day I can’t let go of the pain and I’m having a hard time moving on. I’m angry, hurt, bitter towards other men. I hate him for what he has done to me. His kids text me telling me they miss me. I can’t understand what went wrong and why me! I dedicated my life to him. I don’t think I could love again.

  7. I always be the first person who starts conversation on whatsapp. He never texted me first. And it took him till the next day to reply me text. And when it’s happened he blamed the whatsapp saying the feature has a problem so do on discord. We met on online games but now he never login anymore. He barely on in discord and whatsapp. He changed a lot from our first meet in game. He always excited to see me online always compliments me and trying so hard to get to know me. But now he always ignore me. I don’t know who am I to him. I don’t know what is our relationship is. Are we a couple? Are we just a friend? I want to know that too. I know I should just end this unknown relationship but I also don’t know how. He’s my first love. 😢

  8. My ex? Honestly is this. Except he doesn’t even have s*x with me, haven’t even seen him in weeks. He will only spend time with me when he’s drinking and alone and bored… we were or have been together 8 years! No more will I try to prove my worth to a man.

  9. We met talked from time to time .he told my is he wanted to date me.I was not interested but, everyone I saw him I developed feelings.then when I told him I knew what he told my sil..he said he just wanted to be friends the woman he was interested in just wanted someone spend money on her..was confused he said he wanted me. She was younger then humans we are only 3 yrs.apart he’s 65. Now he gives me hugs but, he doesn’t call it text much but before he call and we talked for hours..I am too old and so is he I cannot be younger but, we connected from 1st day we met..I am solo hurt he promised if I was his friend he would never hurt me and be here for me..I have totext or call him,he rarely calls me.. So hurt…

  10. You solved my problem on your first point. Seven years and he was never near a compliment…
    Thanks so much

    1. That struck me as interesting. I’ve heard all the other red flags listed but never the reciprocal compliment. I don’t believe I’ve ever got a compliment from him. Other than ” you make me wild”. Which is alright but not a compliment. He’s received ” great haircut, sweater, belt comments, those jeans make your ass look great, etc… shit.

  11. All the above and more!! I have been fighting breast cancer and he has been cheating on me for years. I can’t do anything, I can’t work because of all the treatments. I am depressed, lonely and ready to give up.

  12. My partner of 6 years has just left me. I am beyond devastated. If I’m honest he did most of the above. Why then can’t I move on with my life and be thankful that he’s gone.

  13. I gotto say this after reading the article and the comments!!When I was 17 I got married , by age 21 I was divorced. I had no choice but to leave !! I was so abused!! I had 2 little kids to raise and I kept thinking he might accidently kill me when he was physically abusing me and who would raise my kids!! It was rough but I left and never went back….. To be honest I cried for at least 2 years. I loved him and I hated him alot too!! Im in my 2nd marriage. We been married 37 years. Don’t ever believe that just because you were a housewife if u left him you don’t have any skills. All of you women are precious and more valuable than u think you are!! U can pick yourself up , dust yourself off and find happiness with or without a man!! You can go to college or find a starter job until something better comes along!! It’s not worth it to have someone continuously tearing you down, because that kind of abuse is as damaging as being hit!! It takes a long time to heal from those wounds. Don’t focus on finding another man, focus on healing yourself!!

  14. wth is whatsapp anywho, my husband who is a lying cheat after 12 years hes on there alot i heard your conversations disappear???? so confused

  15. I’ve been in my relationship going on two years on the 17th of February Im also engaged as well. However we don’t have no social media but it just seems like I’m the one that putting in all the effort in our relationship. His previous relationship was a mess and so was mine. It just seems like he just can’t let it go and I have to suffer for it.

  16. Husband of 23 years ran off with a younger coworker. I am a disabled senior. He always said how much he loved me, but never really talked much or got intimate the entire time. Deep down I knew something was off. He finally confessed that he had been lying to me for years. He tore our family apart, and left me struggling to survive. Ladies, please don’t wait…if you have a feeling that something is wrong? It is!!! I gave him the trust that he asked for and I was horribly mistaken. Always listen to your gut!!!

  17. My husband and I were the perfect couple for 18 years and I finally married him in 2012: we’ve been married 11years now but six years ago I noticed a change in him like pulling away from me not talking as much always getting hateful when I ask him something when I asked him about his change he turned it around on me like its all me and i m the one who changed so I don’t know about anyone else but to me that’s a cheating man and the main reason is because I’ve caught him lookin at certain houses businesses and it’s every time we go somewhere. The sex has changed he shows no affection anymore does not touch me or anything. Its been like this for six years and I’m still here but I can’t take it anymore I’m to the point where I want to leave but I’m scared I haven’t been alone in thirty years and I just don’t know what to do

  18. My husband is a contractor, says he chooses when to work and lately that’s been never. My mom passed away earlier this year. Thanksgiving was my first big holiday without her. We were on our way to have dinner with my dad, I asked my husband if he would say grace before the meal. His reply was….why would I, you are heathens and not my disciples and this is not the last supper. I couldn’t believe he said that, I’ve supported him for 6 years, have only asked for him to be kind to me. I’m heartbroken and lost.

  19. Hello
    My boyfriend is in another country. At first we used to communicate will, but now 2 months pass if l dont commmunicate and sometimes hello dont even replys to my text.
    I told him that hello need to change, hello agreed, but hes still not communicating.
    Its stressing and frustrating, hello doesnt care about my emotions.
    I want to leave him though l love him

  20. I thank you for this sad but true warning. I was wondering what went wrong but ladies I want through all the above and still tried to hang in there because us woman are naturally people who care with our whole hearts So my hurt was that he simply continued to lie to me just to set me up for the fatal hurt. I was ghosted after 4 yrs of bull shit. Well I haven’t heard from him in 1 whole year and don’t want to . He is DEAD to me

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