If He Does These 11 Things In Your Relationship, Then It’s True Love

This is the best kind of love!

Any woman in a relationship is always bound to ask this question: is it true love? And a lot of time, not a lot of women will be able to tell until their men affirm it for them with an actual verbal declaration. And even then, sometimes, it isn’t enough. And that’s normal. We are all human beings after all and we all have our insecurities. Love is an incredibly amazing human experience and we always never want to feel cheated of it.

Love is many things but it isn’t simple. And no matter how hard you try, you are never going to be gifted with the powers of mindreading. You will never really be able to take a peek into this person’s thoughts just so you can affirm your own suspicions or hopes. You want so desperately to know if your partner really does love you, but you can’t really quite be sure and it’s driving you crazy.

A lot of men say that women are so difficult to figure out and understand but frankly, the same things can be said about guys too. They’re just as confusing. And to make matters worse, men don’t typically like to open up about how they feel or what they’re thinking.

Much to the dismay of millions of women throughout history, it can often take men so long to just make the admission about their deepest feelings. It can take them quite a whole before they can be comfortable with letting the words I love you escape from their lips. But there’s one thing that you need to know about a man. When he does fall in love, he maybe able to hide his feelings well with his words, but he won’t be able to hide his feelings with his actions.

Based on how he is when he is around you, you are always going to be able to tell how a man really feels about you. Remember that men tend to be action-oriented more than they are verbal creatures. So put your mind at ease. You don’t have to keep on wondering about what he really feels about you any longer. You just have to keep an eye out for the signs:

1. He gives attention even to the little things.

He knows that even the little things carry weight in the relationship. He has great attention to detail and he knows that it’s not always only supposed to be about the grand gestures. It’s about consistency and stability.

2. He asks for forgiveness whenever he screws up.

He is not above apologizing. He is humble enough to actually say sorry to you because he would never want you to think that he is an insensitive prick.

3. He calls you out on things whenever necessary.

He isn’t afraid of calling you out on your screw-ups and your mistakes. But he always makes sure to do so with utmost respect and sensitivity. He’s only looking out for you and he wants to push you to be better.

4. He does his best to make your life easy and comfortable.

He would willingly run whatever errands he could for you just to take a few things off your plate. He wants to make your life easy and comfortable. He wants to be able to share in your struggles.

5. He does cheesy things because he knows that it makes you happy.

He might not particularly be a cheesy person but he wouldn’t mind being cheesy for you. He would do whatever he could just to make you happy.

6. He expresses an interest in your passion and hobbies.

He will start to get into the things that you are into because he wants to immerse himself in your life as much as humanly possible.

7. He gives you space whenever you ask for it.

He acknowledges that you are still your own person and that you still have your own life outside of the relationship. He would gladly give you whatever space you ask from him.

8. He opens up to you wholeheartedly.

Remember a man never just opens up to anyone. He is always going to stay guarded for the most part. But when he allows himself to just let his guard down with you, then you know that you can really count on him to be real with you.

9. He takes you to meet his closest friends and family.

If he’s taking you to meet the parents and the siblings, then you know that he’s taking this thing seriously.

10. He laughs at your jokes.

You definitely know that it’s true love whenever you share a similar sense of humor. So if you’re laughing at each other’s jokes, then you know it’s a good sign.

11. He is always ready to give you a hug and a kiss.

He doesn’t underestimate the power of a good hug and kiss. He knows that these are physical manifestations of his love for you and he would never hold back on them.

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