If He Does These 6 Things, You’re In A Fake Relationship

Distinguishing between a genuine relationship and a fake one can be challenging. What really is a fake relationship? It’s an illusion that you have come to believe, the illusion of a long-lasting relationship. Many of us are in fake relationships without even knowing. What you might be having is an affair; real relationships take a lot of effort, no doubts there, but they are always better than fake ones in the long run.

There’s a big difference between someone saying lovey-dovey things and someone who truly means them. To be in a ‘real relationship,’ many factors need consideration because some people can easily trick others into thinking they love them. It’s essential to be careful and look beyond just words to ensure the love and commitment are real.

Here are the red flags you need to watch for and prevent yourself from being fooled.

He doesn’t talk to you:

If you’re in a relationship where you hardly communicate, can’t remember the last heart-to-heart talk, and mostly just text each other on and off, it may not be a real relationship. When you feel like you don’t truly know the other person, it’s crucial to think about whether the relationship is genuine and meaningful or if there are communication issues that need to be addressed to strengthen your connection.

When he leaves, you don’t know where he’s going:

A healthy relationship involves being open and considerate about each other’s plans and activities. If your partner consistently keeps you in the dark about his whereabouts, it’s important to address the issue and discuss your feelings openly to ensure a strong and trustworthy bond. Open communication and trust are vital for the success of any relationship.

He’s all over you in public:

While public displays of affection can be nice, if it feels like they’re just putting on a show for others and not really connecting with you, it could be a sign of a fake relationship. True love is about genuine care and understanding, both in public and private.

The only thing you have is sexual chemistry:

If the only thing you have in your relationship is sexual chemistry, it may suggest that the connection is primarily based on physical attraction rather than emotional intimacy and shared interests. While sexual chemistry is important, a genuine and lasting relationship requires a deeper emotional connection and shared values to thrive.

You don’t share great moments together:

When you don’t have great moments together in your relationship, it might mean that you’re not creating special memories or enjoying happy times as a couple. A real connection involves sharing experiences and finding joy in each other’s company.

His ego is just too big:

If your partner has a huge ego, it means they think very highly of themselves and often put their needs before yours. In a good relationship, both partners should respect and consider each other’s feelings. But when their ego takes over, they may lack empathy and understanding. A strong partnership needs humility and a willingness to compromise.

  1. The bigger question is what caused him to start assuming these things? No doubt her fault equally for not keeping the relationship alive.

  2. I was in a fake relationship where I was the one trying to do anything and everything to keep the spark alive. I would plan fun things and be playful to continually get rejected for all of my efforts. When I pointed out how we never had sex, his response was that even though he was attracted to me, that I wasn’t putting in enough effort even though he had severe ED issues.

    I am sorry, but when a male human puts absolutely no effort into you whatsoever, then it is a fake relationship and they are fake for not having integrity.

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