If He Doesn’t Do These 10 Things, Then He’s Not Your Soulmate

1. He talks about your future as a couple, and he proves that he really puts a lot of thought into it. To him, what both of you share isn’t something that’s temporary or casual. To him, you’re not just some expendable girl he can afford to dump at any moment’s notice. To him, you’re a viable option for a life partner. To him, you’re a girl he can really take seriously. And it shows in the way that he talks about future plans with you. He wants to prepare himself for the life that you’re going to share together.

2. He puts a lot of effort into planning your dates. He knows that dates are opportunities for you to really get intimate and bond with another. He doesn’t take you for granted. He always tries his best to make sure that you don’t feel cheated. He never wants you to feel like he doesn’t value the time that he gets to spend with you. And that’s why he puts a lot of thought and emotion into planning your intimate dates.

3. He is always there for you whenever you need him. He is a crutch that you can rely on. He acknowledges that you are a strong and independent woman who can stand on your own two feet, but he also acknowledges the fact that you can always count on him to be there for you whenever you call for him. He will always make himself available to you because he never wants to betray the trust that you have placed in him.

4. He never withholds the love and affection that he has for you. He doesn’t play any childish games with you. He doesn’t act unnecessarily coy with you. He has strong feelings for you, and he isn’t afraid of wearing his heart on his sleeve. He always lets you know just how in love he is with you. He doesn’t feed into your insecurities. He never gives you any reason to doubt his sincerity.

5. He always stays his true and genuine self whenever he is with you. He always lets his true self-shine – even if he’s scared of how you might see him. He tries to put his best foot forward, but he doesn’t try to act like anyone other than himself. If you’re going to fall in love with him, he’s going to want you to fall for who he really is. He would not want to conceal his true self from you. He would never want to lie to you about who he is as a person.

6. He makes a genuine effort to be close to the people who are closest to you. He always tries his best to make sure that he presents himself as an upright guy when he’s in front of your family and friends. Even though he may not necessarily like the people in your life, he knows how important they are to you; and that’s why he tries to make a genuine effort to have them like him.

7. He never makes you feel like he takes you for granted. He never stops putting in the effort with you. He always makes sure that he presents his best self when he’s with you. He doesn’t want you to feel like you aren’t worthy of his hard work. He always wants you to feel like he is working hard for your love and affection.

8. He does what he can to meet your sexual needs and expectations. He never wants it to feel like he’s being selfish with you. He doesn’t want to make you think that he’s only in it for himself. He is always going to want to satisfy you on a sexual level. He is always going to try his best to meet your needs because he understands that a relationship is always going to be a give and take – even when pertaining to sex.

9. He stays honest with you. He’s not the kind of guy who only tells you what you want to hear; he tells you what you need to hear. He always makes sure that you know you can always rely on him to be telling you the truth. He never wants you to feel like you have to doubt what he’s telling you. He tells you the truth even when it’s uncomfortable; even when it puts him in trouble.

10. He always proves to you that you are an important part of his life. He really makes you feel like a priority. He always does what he can to make sure that you know just how much he values you. He regularly places your needs on top of his own. He always prioritizes your sense of happiness and comfort. He does whatever he can to reassure you of your worth in his life.

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