If He’s Doing These Things, He Doesn’t Want Love – He Just Wants To Get Laid

In today’s dating scene, figuring out what a guy really wants can be tricky. Some guys might pretend to care a lot, but their true intentions could be quite different. It’s important to notice the signs that show whether a guy is truly interested or just looking for something else. This helps you protect your feelings from people who might not want the same things you do.

If you notice any of these signs, it’s a good idea to be cautious. These signs could indicate that the guy you’re dating is only interested in getting laid and not looking for a serious relationship with you.

1. He wants to hook up instead of going out

You might have thought he really liked you. He acted friendly and chatted a lot. But when he didn’t want to go on real dates, you realized he just wanted something physical. Being in the same place doesn’t count as a date, and his pretending isn’t nice.

2. His compliments are cheap

A guy who’s only after physical stuff usually just talks about your looks. He doesn’t say anything nice about your personality or thoughts. It’s all about the physical side with him.

3. He doesn’t put effort into your time together

If he truly liked you, he’d spend time with you and make you feel important by going on nice dates. But he prefers having you over at his place rather than going out for activities like watching a movie, which would need more effort than just having sex.

4. He can’t hold a real conversation

Meaningful conversations involve sharing thoughts, feelings, dreams, and experiences – things that help create a strong emotional link. If he keeps focusing on shallow or sexual subjects, and avoids talking about deeper things, it probably means they’re just interested in the physical part of the relationship.

5. He refuses to commit to you

If someone doesn’t want a serious emotional relationship and is more interested in something physical, you can tell by how they avoid committing. If they don’t want to call you a partner, introduce you to their friends or family, or make plans for the future, it’s a sign. Building a strong relationship takes time and effort, and they might not be interested in that.

6. He avoids talking about the future

If someone is mostly interested in the physical part of the relationship, they often avoid talking about the future. People who prefer a casual, short-term connection tend to dodge conversations about long-term plans and commitment. If you notice them getting uncomfortable or changing the subject when you discuss where the relationship is going, it shows they’re focused on the here and now, and not looking for a real emotional bond.

7. He keeps emotions at distance

When someone is mainly interested in getting laid, they tend to hold back their emotions. They could be charming and attentive during physical moments, but when it’s about sharing feelings or talking about emotions, they might avoid it. This emotional distance stops a deeper emotional connection from growing, which is important for a caring relationship.

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