If She Doesn’t Do These 5 Things Regularly, LEAVE Her Immediately

A relationship is supposed to empower you, not break you into a million pieces.

Relationships aren’t always going to be all sunshine, rainbows, dewdrops, and butterflies. Sometimes, they can also be volcanic eruptions, smoke, and heavy drops of rain. It’s no secret that relationships will always require a lot of hard work to go along with healthy doses of good luck in order for them to have a chance of going all the way. But sometimes, not even all the hard work and good luck in the world will be enough to save a relationship.

Often, we will be placed in positions to make difficult decisions about relationships. Should we stay and try to fight for our love despite the hardships or is our relationship beyond saving? Is our love something that’s worth fighting for is it better if we just move on to better things? Will I be better off in a bad relationship than be caught having to bear the dreads of living the single life again? These are all very difficult questions that a lot of us will have to answer from time to time.

Another such common problem that a lot of men will experience is when they are caught in a dysfunctional relationship with a girl whom they love very much. These men will have to face the hardships of not being able to live out a fantasy relationship with the girl of their dreams. Perhaps the love isn’t real. Perhaps the timing is just off. Perhaps they aren’t just compatible.

If you are a man who is currently having doubts about your relationship, then maybe you should consider reviewing the following items. If your girlfriend still does these 5 things to you on a regular basis, then she’s definitely worth fighting for. If she doesn’t do these things habitually, then maybe it’s the proper time for you to explore alternative relationship options.

1. She feels indebted to you and is guilty about it.

Not to say that you’re always going to have some sort of power over her, but she should always have a sense of indebtedness toward you out of love for you. It shows that she is appreciative of who you are and what you have done for her in her life. It means that she isn’t afraid to express her gratitude towards you because of all your patience and understanding towards her. If she always feels like she’s indebted to you, it’s only because she is incredibly thankful for having a supportive and loving man in her life to take care of her.

2. She is your number one cheerleader and supporter.

She is your number one support system and she would never allow herself to serve as a barrier between you and your dreams. She understands the goals that you have set for yourself, and she never wants to get in the way of you pursuing your passions. She is your most ardent cheerleader and she will be the first one to give you a congratulatory kiss when all your achievements come rolling in. The happiness that you feel after fulfilling your personal goals is also the source of what makes her happy. She takes great pride in you and knows how important your sense of self-fulfillment is to you. – Continue reading on the next page

3. She is your number one defender and guardian.

Whenever she sees that you are being mistreated or maligned, she isn’t afraid to come to your aid. She would be the first one to fight whoever has hurt you, and she wouldn’t be afraid of getting hurt herself in the process. She knows that you are both a team, and that it’s the two of you against the world. She would willingly take a bullet for you because she knows that you would also do the same for her. She is incredibly protective of you and your feelings because she wants you to have only happiness in life. She genuinely cares about your own personal well-being as much as she does about hers.

4. She isn’t above apologizing to you for her faults.

She is never afraid to just swallow her pride and let you know whenever she has screwed up. She knows that she’s imperfect and that she has her own personal faults and shortcomings in life. She is also humble enough to acknowledge whenever she has wronged you and needs to ask for your forgiveness. How you see her is incredibly important to her because she always wants to be esteemed in your eyes. She never wants to make you feel like she doesn’t care about what you think of her, and that means she’s willing to humble herself every once in a while.

5. She isn’t afraid to shower you with love and affection.

She will take any opportunities for expressing her love and affection for you. She is always going to grab any chance that she can to tell you that she loves you with all her heart. She will shower you with words and gestures that will make you feel secure about your place in the relationship.

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