If she scares you, SHE IS THE ONE

It is both amusing and surprising how couples that usually last forever are the kinds where the woman scares the man, not in a bad way, in the most harmless ways. Like when you leave the kettle on or when you forget to do something the third time you know you are screwed.

Let me first clear this out, being scared of someone doesn’t really mean that you have to be submissive or they have to be dominant over you and it certainly doesn’t mean that you are weak or they are strong. Being scared could be good and healthy. At times, it is good because it keeps you away from doing something wrong or it helps you understand women and their feelings. It often makes you want to be a better man and many times it just makes you feel that it is not actually her you are scared of, it is the thought of seeing her unhappy or hurt that you don’t ever want to do something that will wipe away that smile you love on her.

So here are a few reasons why being scared of her really means that she is the one for you and the one you truly love.

1. You can’t stand the fact that you both aren’t talking to each other

You don’t want fights that will upset both of you and will result in the two of you not talking to each other for days. You just don’t want to waste that much time! You would rather apologize for the things you think you did wrong and let her apologize for hers so you both can make up.

Who wants to waste all that time alone, when you both can snuggle up on the couch and watch a romantic movie? You’d rather do that than sit there in different rooms, angry at each other.

2. You don’t want to displease her because her happiness means so much to you

While others might make fun of you by calling you her puppet or making you feel like you are an absolute wuss if you are scared of making your girl unhappy, only you know that you do what you do to see her happy because you, unlike all the others who make fun of you, have found the love of your life. You value her and you want to keep her happy that’s why even if others might not respect it, you still do it and you still feel like it is your responsibility to ensure that she is happy. Which makes you a catch, by the way. – Continue reading on the next page

3. Her support means the world to you

It is not that you want her permission for anything that you do or any kind of approval but having her on your side or having her agreement with what you are about to do just adds up to the excitement and drive to the whole thing.

The way her being in on the thing you want to do can encourage you, nothing can. It is not that you are scared; something you do that she doesn’t like might anger her but you don’t think anything is worth making your partner feel unhappy or uncomfortable with. If you have been choosing her happiness over things, you truly are in love and she is the one for you. 

4. Losing her is what scares you

It is not the way she will react, it is not the way she will treat you. It is the way it will hurt her and make her cry. You truly love her and can’t stand that she is in such pain, let alone be the fact that she is pain because of you!

Her anger is not what scares you but her silence. You would choose her anger any day over her silence. You would want her to scream and throw a tantrum but just stay, stay in your life. You love her for putting up with you in her own beautiful way. Losing her is the scariest thought and that is why you want to keep her happy.

If she scares you like this, if she makes you tremble to your bone when you think of her being unhappy, know that you really love her and that she should be the one you should be spending your life with.

P.S.: I’ll let you in on a secret, if you really think like this and are scared to lose her, trust me, she loves you back. Know that she is head over heels for you as well because a guy who can face such kind of criticism and still stick to this woman and to making her happy, any girl would die and kill to have that in her life!

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Guys, does she scare you the way I’ve mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below. And as always, stay blessed and keep the love alive!

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