If Someone Does These 9 Things On A First Date, They Want More than Just A Hookup

Ever been on a first date and wondered if it’s more than just a one-time thing? Well, there are some little signs that can give you a clue. It’s not just about the initial attraction. These nine things on a first date can show that the other person is thinking about something more serious. From laughing together to being respectful, these signs can tell you if they want a real relationship.

Let’s take a closer look at these signals that tell you it might be more than just a simple first date!

1. They share their personal stories

If they open up about their life, experiences, and aspirations, it’s a clear signal they’re aiming for a connection that transcends the superficial. Sharing personal stories builds a sense of trust and intimacy, pointing towards a desire for a more meaningful relationship.

2. They plan thoughtful activities

When they put effort into planning a date that goes beyond the typical hookup scenario, like choosing a unique venue or suggesting an activity you both enjoy, it demonstrates an interest in creating a memorable and enjoyable experience together.

3. You feel safe around them

When you sense a genuine concern for your well-being and comfort, it’s more than a casual encounter. If they exhibit a caring attitude, ensure you’re comfortable, and respect your boundaries, it signifies a deeper interest in building a connection based on trust and emotional safety.

4. They are reliable

If they show up on time, follow through on plans, and communicate effectively, it reflects reliability and a commitment to the time spent together. Reliability suggests they value your time and are serious about building a connection that goes beyond the surface of a simple hookup.

5. You feel a connection beyond physical attraction

If you sense a connection that goes beyond physical attraction, where conversation and shared moments leave a lasting impression, it implies a desire for a more profound emotional connection. Feeling a spark that transcends the superficial suggests an interest in building something meaningful.

6. They ask about your life outside of the date

If they show genuine curiosity about your life beyond the present moment, asking about your interests, hobbies, and daily routine, it suggests an interest in understanding the bigger picture of who you are. This curiosity hints at a desire for a connection that extends beyond the initial meeting.

7. They engage in future-oriented conversations

If they discuss future plans or aspirations that involve you, whether it’s mentioning potential trips together or envisioning shared experiences, it indicates a desire for a continued and meaningful connection beyond the present.

8. They introduce you to their friends or include you in social plans

If someone introduces you to their friends or makes plans for socializing together, it shows they want to include you in their life. This inclusiveness indicates a wish for a relationship that goes beyond just one-on-one interactions.

9. You feel emotionally supported

When they express empathy, actively listen, and offer emotional support, it signals a desire for a relationship that involves genuine emotional connection. Feeling understood and supported emotionally points towards intentions beyond a casual encounter.

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