If Someone’s Truly A Narcissist, They’ll Never Do These 7 Things

Never expect a narcissist to apologize.

Narcissism is more rampant now than it ever has been. In the world of social media and internet connections, we are granted the opportunity to broadcast all aspects of our lives to our social circles. We are given platforms for glorification, praise, and worship. We are giving other people the chance to get a good glimpse of what our lives are like. And the best part is that we get to choose what parts of our lives other people get to see. That is why there are so many narcissists these days. People are too caught up with getting Instagram or Facebook likes. They think that their self-worth depends on how many Twitter followers they have. They will do anything they can to project an image of importance and value to the people around them. These people will become overly self-obsessed to the point wherein they might actually believe the lies that they are trying to sell about themselves.

Dating a narcissist can be very difficult. The reason for that is because they tend to be very selfish and self-obsessed individuals. They rarely ever think about other people unless it concerns other peoples’ perceptions of them. That’s why a lot of people will tend to avoid dating these narcissistic types of individuals. If you are having trouble trying to figure out whether a person is narcissistic or not, then this list is here to help you out. Here are a few characteristics of self-obsessed narcissists.

1. They will never apologize.

Narcissists think that they can do no wrong. They hold themselves to such high-esteem to the point wherein they think that they are always right about everything. That is why whenever they do screw up in life (and they do screw up all the time, as all people do), they will never admit it by saying sorry. They think they are above apologies because they think that everything that goes wrong in the world is always the fault of other people.

2. They will never assume responsibility of their faults.

These narcissists think that they are perfect human beings. They never accept whenever they stumble or fall. They always want things done their way. Whenever they commit a blunder, they would never be one who takes ownership over it. They would always find a way to pass the blame to someone else because in their eyes, they are virtually incapable of being imperfect. If something goes right, they think that it’s because of them. If something goes wrong, they think that it’s never their fault.

3. They will never be introspective.

For someone who is a little self-obsessed, a narcissist can lack lots of self-awareness. Though they think of themselves all the time, they rarely ever see themselves in an objective light. They will never be the kinds of people who will meditate on their philosophies or reflect on their actions. They are impulsive and they will do anything that they fancy. They aren’t very analytical beings and they always act on their own accord without much thinking.

4. They will never be forgiving.

Aside from being the kind of person who never apologizes, a narcissist is also the kind of person who never accepts apologies. They think that because they are supposedly perfect individuals, they are entitled to anything that they desire. They always expect the world to bend at their will and they will never tolerate anything less than their expectations. They are not forgetful people and they will always hold a vendetta against the people whom they feel have wronged them.

5. They will never be thoughtful or selfless.

There are few things more miserable than dating a narcissist who never thinks twice about you. These narcissists will never be generous. They would never act out of kindness unless they know that it would serve their best interests. Everything that they do in life is only motivated by their own selfish desires. They are not the kind of people who would do things out of the pure kindness of their hearts without expecting anything in return. There always has to be something in it for them.

6. They will never reveal their true emotions.

The narcissist loves being the center of attention. They thrive under the spotlight and they absolutely adore it when all eyes are on them. They are also incredibly skilled at putting up a faГ§ade of themselves. Narcissists lack the kind of self-awareness that is necessary for people to really understand what they are feeling inside. Since narcissists don’t truly understand their emotions, they will always tend to close their feelings off to people on the outside. It’s their way of protecting themselves from something they don’t really understand.

7. They will never be empathetic or sensitive to other people.

If a narcissist has difficulty grasping his/her own true feelings, then what more with other people? They don’t really have a good read of other people’s emotions. That is why they can come off as being very insensitive and tactless people. They will speak their mind regardless of how their words can impact other people because they don’t really care that much.

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    1. For 15 years I was with my ex who would always cheat on me and not show up to watch the kids so I could go to work. We have 4 kids and I find out the younger 2 are not mine she just told me they are and signed my name on the birth certificates. She always blames me and thinks nothing she did matters because I hurt her.

  1. Yep. It is all about them all the time. And God help me I married one. When she refused to see the good doctor at the VA for our marriage counseling session yesterday I dropped her off at her daughter’s. God help me I have tried. It might be time to finally find the strength to walk away.

    1. I married one, too. I have never been in such a toxic relationship. I, too, think it’s time to walk away. Best of luck to you!

    2. I was with one for 6 years. No empathy, no sympathy for others, everything is someone else’s fault. Everything is hidden & he lies to everyone. He kept saying “It’s my way or the highway. ” I paid ALL the bills, bought all the groceries, etc, because he wants to keep all His money invested. Control Freak! Can change his mood in one second. I have actually seen the devil in his face when he’s angry

    1. I am, after refreshing myself on the subject, dealing with a Narcissist. He checks off every damn box. My eyes are open bc he owes me money, I keep him @ a close distance. He is now the being played like a fiddle. He has fallen for the saying “you always want what you can’t have”. I give him just enough so he’ll keep playing the good guy.

  2. Oh how I was hoping to be able to say ‘nope, not a narcissist after reading your article. But sadly he hits on every single point. Great. Ugh.

  3. I married on me and divorced him after 12 years. Took a long time to build up the courage to leave but the time came. My only serious relationship since my ex husband, was also with a narcissist. A little different breed than my ex husband but I just don’t understand why it is still so hard to get over him! Am I doomed to be attracted to these types of men for some bizarre reason!?

  4. Yes me, I am currently in a narcissistic relationship right now and as you said, it is very hard at times..

  5. I dated one ,have a child.Ticks all the boxes, very tragic.They literally want to destroy you,not an ounce of empathy.

  6. I am going through a breakup with a narcissistic woman. We were together for 4 years, after the first year I was already ruined emotionally mentally and physically. I had never heard the term narcissist until I googled how I was feeling. I wouldn’t wish this trauma and pain on anyone! At times it’s unbearable, can’t eat, can’t sleep, it’s hard to even make it to work. On the other hand she is already dating someone new. I guess that’s what they do? I feel like im losing my mind

  7. I can truly identify with everyone of those definitions, just separated from my narcissistic husband of 10 years. It’s a struggle mentally but I am determined to regain my life in every area.

  8. My ex partner of 18years was a smart sly narcissistic tough guy. When we started dating I was totally wrapped up in everything about him, however the first decade he showed me how much he was (in love with me) ..? by being OVERLY protective, idiotically I felt protected but realistically it was a calculated controlling task to have over me. We have two beautiful daughters.
    After many years of his twisted toxic behavior I knew it wasn’t right & the love I had he ruined it definitely burned out. Ultimately very difficult to get him out, I loved the man he used to be, I was scared of “HOW-WHAT-WHEN- the next stages..? 🤷‍♀️
    Finally did assault me & his older child (aged17) THAT WAS IT..!!
    He got arrested took him to court, he served 3mths out on conditional bail. 🤔

  9. Yes ,I was dating one we broke up a week ago and she is already seeing someone,we have been together for 8years,she can’t forgive me for my mistakes ,while I forgave her for the mistakes she did,she can say things that hurt, and never care who is around how will that affect them. It’s not easy to let go of them cos you get used to the toxic treatment.

  10. My husband of 9 years hits most of these. One thing he is not is selfish. When I bring things up he’s done he throws it back on how I’ve done it too! Can’t talk to him because he does no wrong. It so tiring to talk to him I end up not talking to him for days.

  11. Yep. Seventeen years of psycho H-ll. Worse yet, my neighbour’s are nuts too. What’s the difference between a psychopath and a sociopath? One lives on one side and one on the other. People don’t have boundaries today.

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