If These 11 Things Apply To Your Husband, Then You’ve Won The Marriage Lottery

Doubt. It’s not something that a lot of us are going to be immune from in life and in marriage. But that’s okay. It’s part of self-preservation. As human beings, we are all just inherently wired to doubt the things around us so that we don’t end up getting tricked or fooled. And that principle applies to love as well, right?

Go back to when you and your partner first started dating. Yes, you were taken aback by them. You were smitten. You were interested in one another and you grew that mutual interest into something special. But there must have been a few moments during the start of your relationship wherein you found yourself questioning or doubting your compatibility. You tried to caution yourself to not fall in love too quickly because you weren’t so sure about this person just yet. But in spite of the doubt, you still take that chance on love.

And now, you might find yourself married to this person. You might even have a few kids already. You might have a house, a stable job, and a really nice family dynamic going on at this point. But somehow, you’re still doubting your partner. Is that normal? You feel guilty because you think that you should be completely sure about being with your partner at this point. That’s okay. That’s still normal. Again, doubt is just something that is inherently wired into your system.

However, if left unaddressed, doubt can also be very toxic for a relationship You don’t want your doubt to be keeping you from completely enjoying your marriage to your man. You don’t want to let your doubt hold you back when it comes to the love and affection that you shower your partner with. And that’s why you need to try to put your mind at ease.

If you are indeed looking for signs that you’ve landed yourself the right man, then this is the article for you. Erase all of the doubts in your mind and heart by reading through this list. If there are a lot of things here that apply to your man, then you have very little reason to doubt that he’s the right guy for you.

1. He always supports you in everything that you do.

He makes sure that you always get the support and encouragement that you need to achieve the things that you most want in life.

2. He stays calm even during tense situations.

He always stays calm even when he is stuck in tense situations. He doesn’t let his emotions get the best of him and he always serves as your rock in life.

3. He still prioritizes date nights.

He always prioritizes date night because he knows that these are opportunities for the two of you to get closer and become more intimate with one another. He always wants to be making memories with you.

4. He works hard for you and your family.

He always works hard for you and your family. He is never going to tire of putting in the effort for you and your relationship. He understands that he must always be willing to put in the effort for you.

5. He makes time for the relationship.

He genuinely makes time for the relationship. He really does go out of his way to make sure that you feel prioritized and valued in his life.

6. He showers you with praise and love.

He is always showering you with a lot of praise and love. He never tires of making you feel good about yourself. He never withholds the love and affection that he has for you.

7. He never acts selfishly.

Whenever he makes plans or decisions, he always tries to include you in the process. He always makes you feel involved in his life. He never acts selfishly at all. He understands that you are a team.

8. He shows a willingness to be spontaneous with you.

He really shows a willingness to be spontaneous with you. He isn’t content with living a very predictable and routine lifestyle. He does his part in making sure that you are always having fun.

9. He apologizes whenever he makes a mistakes.

He acknowledges that he isn’t perfect and he is humble enough to apologize from his mistakes. And not only that, he also tries his best to learn from his wrongdoings.

10. He sticks to his promises and commitments.

He always follows up on promises and commitments that he makes to you. You know that you are always assured of someone who you can always rely on to deliver.

11. He still makes you feel happy.

And through it all, he still does whatever it takes to make you feel happy in your relationship. You never feel discontented or unsatisfied with your life precisely because of the efforts that he makes for you.

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