If These 8 Things Apply To Your Boyfriend, Then Marry Him

At the end of the day, the only thing that a lot of us really want in life is to have that one special person with whom we can grow old with. More than we would want things like money, power, influence, and fame, perhaps love is the one thing that we can all agree on wanting the most out of this world.

It’s the one thing that drives us to do what we do every single day of our lives. Love is what makes us wake up in the morning with a huge smile on our faces. It’s an incredible feeling when you fall in love with the person you know you’re destined to be with for the rest of your life. There are a certain thrill and exhilaration there mixed with equal parts of anxiety and nervousness. But for the most part, it’s going to be a great experience overall.

When you lie in the embrace of the person you’re in love with, you feel like you are just as safe as you would be within the confines of your own home. You feel like you forget all about the problems that confront you on a daily basis in this world. You feel like this is the one spot in the whole universe where you’re really meant to be in and that nothing could possibly make this situation more perfect than it already is.

When you’re in real and genuine love with the person who is just right for you, then you would have absolutely no problems thinking about what it would be like to spend the rest of your lives together. However, how do you know for sure that the guy you’re with could be more than just some man you’re dating?

How do you know that he actually has what it takes to be your husband? Marriage is a big deal. And it would be a mistake for anyone to belittle such a significant social institution between two people. So if you find yourself thinking about whether your boyfriend would make a great husband, don’t feel bad about it. You should read until the end of this list to find out if your man is really meant for a life of marriage with you.

1. He allows you to have your off days.

He knows that you aren’t always going to be on your best personal behavior every single day that you’re together and that’s okay with him. He understands that you’re only human and that you can still get overwhelmed sometimes. He understands that you are going to have your bad days every now and then but that won’t mean that he will stop loving you because of them.

2. He gets happy whenever he gets to make you happy.

He considers your happiness to be his own personal happiness as well. He finds immense joy and fulfillment in being able to bring a huge smile to your face. It’s like he considers it his personal life mission to make you as happy as humanly possible.

3. He is the guy you want to be with at the end of a really bad day.

When you have your bad days or when you’re feeling particularly down, he’s the guy you automatically think of to help pick you up. You know that you can always count on him to help bring you out of a bad mood. To you, he is a rock who you can lean on whenever you feel a little weak in the knees.

4. He gets more attractive to you every day that you’re together.

You have a growing attraction for him because he never stops putting in the work. You’re just as attracted to him now deep in the relationship as you were when you first got together. You are constantly building on your attraction for one another and that’s proof of your longevity.

5. He doesn’t hold back his love and affection for you.

He is never withholding his love and affection when it comes to you. He doesn’t play coy. He doesn’t play childish games. He loves you and he always wears his heart on his sleeve.

6. He always stays honest and open to you.

He understands just how important it is to always stay true to you even if it’s inconvenient or even if it gets him in trouble. He does that because he knows how much you value trust and honesty.

7. He loves you for who you really are.

He doesn’t force you to change into anyone or anything that you’re uncomfortable with being. He knows that you have your flaws, but he will still choose to love you despite them because they help make you who you are.

8. He makes you feel like you are constantly being paid attention to.

He will always listen to you. He won’t make the relationship all about himself or his own personal needs. He will hear you out and he will always take into consideration how you feel or what you think about something. He treats you like a real partner whose opinion he greatly values.

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