If These 9 Things Apply To Your Partner, Then You’re In The Best Relationship Of Your Life

As unfortunate as it might be, a lot of us tend to take the relationships that we’re in for granted – and we only ever really realize how good we have something the moment that we lose it. And you never want that to happen to you in your relationship. Your partner might be so great in making you feel comfortable and stable in your love, that you don’t feel the struggle at all. And since you don’t feel that struggle, you might not realize just how special your relationship really is. And when that’s the case, it’s likely that you are going to end up taking your relationship for granted.

You never want to be complacent in your romance. You don’t want to be one of those people who will be looking back at your old relationship thinking about just how good you had it and how you’re never going to get it back. You have to always realize just how blessed you are when you’re in a great relationship with someone. You must always be mindful of how great you have it so that you will work like hell to keep things the way they are. The key is in being able to recognize the aspects of your relationship that make it great. And you have to know greatness wen you see it; otherwise, it’s all just going to go over your head.

And failure to appreciate something good is always a tragedy. You never want your partner to feel like you don’t value just how hard he works for you and your relationship. You never want him to feel like he isn’t important to you; that his efforts don’t really impress you. These are the 9 signs that you have a great partner and that you’re in the best relationship of your life.

1. He tries really hard with you.

You know that he’s never the type of guy who is going to fall short on the effort department. He is always going to do whatever it takes to make sure that your relationship goes all the way. He’s always going to put in the work to ensuring that your love stands the test of time.

2. He doesn’t shy away from his responsibilities and obligations.

He’s always the type of guy you can rely on to be responsible in the relationship. He is always going to be accountable to whatever he tells you. He is always going to try his best to live up to his words. He will never deliberately make you a promise that he doesn’t intend on keeping.

3. He doesn’t force you to change to someone you’re not.

He makes you feel loved and appreciated for who you really are. He’s never going to make you feel like you’re not good enough for him. He’s going to inspire you to want to be better; but he isn’t going to force you to change into anything you’re not comfortable with being.

4. He allows himself to relax and be vulnerable with you.

He wants to show that he really trusts you by allowing himself o be vulnerable with you. He’s putting his guard down; and he’s letting you in. He’s giving you full access.

5. He makes you feel better about yourself.

He always somehow finds a way to appease all of your insecurities. He will always try to lift your spirit. When you’re feeling down, he’s going to try to find a way to cheer you up and make you feel better. He considers it his personal mission to bring happiness and positivity into your life in whatever way he can.

6. He proves that he’s mature and wise.

No immature individual is EVER going to be able to make a relationship work. It always takes two strong and mature adults to commit to one another in order for a relationship to last. And if he proves himself to be mature, then you know that he’s a really good catch.

7. He supports you in all of your endeavors.

He always makes it a point to uplift you in however way he can. He will always be supportive of you. He’s never going to compete with you. He will never be one who stands in your way. He wants you to find success in all of the things that you set out to do in your life.

8. He treats you like a genuine equal.

He is always going to see you like a real equal. He’s always going to treat you like a partner. He’s never going to make it seem like you’re less or more of a person than him.

9. He makes it a point to always make you feel heard.

He’s never going to make you feel like you aren’t allowed to say something. He’s never going to make you feel ashamed about expressing yourself. Whenever you want to express yourself, he’s always there – ready to lend you an ear. He is never going to act like he’s above listening to you.

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