If they hesitate to choose you, it isn’t love

If you pour your heart and soul out and risk heartbreak all over one guy or girl and the response you get is an uninterested one, it feels like crap but it doesn’t stop you from making up a future reality where Mr. don’t really care happens to wake up one day and realize that he’s doing nothing and going nowhere in life because of the fact that he’s alone and then magically the first thought he has of a potential partner is you and then he begs at your door step and gets down on one knee within like 3 months of your relationship and you deny him because he’s moving too fast and he says he’ll wait for you because you’re his one and only forever and ever

You see all these people with their handsome Mr. I don’t-cares and you think that it’s just sad that they fall into mere men’s traps and spend all this time waiting for a man who doesn’t even like them and you’re blind to the fact that it could ever happen to you. Nope there’s no chance that Mr. I don’t care is like the others. Hell realize, hell fall for me, he will.

And then you become somewhat obsessive.

It’s your duty to make them understand to make them love you all in the hopes that one day you’ll get your happily ever after. You have this perfect scenario in your head and you’ve molded it to fit with that one guy who only says a few extra lines at the end of the day which your mind automatically over exaggerated to you make you feel like your worth something to the other half of your one-sided love.

If he texts you at 3 am, you automatically program yourself to think he can’t sleep because he’s thinking of you girl,В no, he can’t sleep and hence he thought of you, because he was bored and you were there.

You cannot convince anyone to fall in love with you. If you’re the one who initiates the making of plans, who initiates any meeting, who thinks of thoughtful presents, who thinks of covering up for his mistakes and you can see none of it being reciprocated. He doesn’t love you. – Continue reading on next page

Love isn’t a one way street and many people forget that. You need to realize that it’s give and take not give and give and go broke only to realize it was all in vain.

If he likes you, he’ll run after you. If she likes you,В shel’l run after you. You’ll make an effort and so will they. They’ll ask you out, they’ll try to talk to you and they’ll work just as hard to keep the relationship going smoothly.

It’s not teasing if it lasts forever, It’s a really lazy way of saying ˜I can’t even be bothered to make an effort to say I don’t care for your existence so ill entertain you while I’m bored and make a few half assed excuses when I can’t be bothered to look at you’.

If commitment is an issue, if there’s hesitation and indecisiveness, it’s not a normal thing to expect from what you think is going to be a serious relationship. Yes, human beings have emotions and human beings get scared and therefore hesitation can symbolize a bad relationship experience.– Continue reading on next page

But if they aren’t over it, they’re not ready for another relationship. It is not your job to pick up their broken pieces and glue them together, you can help but only if they actually ask you to.

What’s the point of helping put someone together when in the end the consequence will be you breaking because they leave?

Love isn’t all heartsВ and giggles. It’s not just a chain of chemical reactions well, it is a chain of chemical reactions but these reactions have a strong grip on your mental well-being and it’s your responsibility to take care of yourself. Don’t just sit around and watch someone destroy you mentally. It’s like watching someone saw of your leg and just sitting there.

Hesitation is an answer. It’s a no.

Keeping yourself going with fake reassurance is you stepping on a bed of nails it’s all okay as long as your body’s perfectly balanced but one wrong move (and there will be a wrong move) will lead to you being in a sad, sad place all for an insignificant man with no care for you.

Why would you lower yourself to that point? Why would you willingly do that to yourself? You know it’s wrong. You know it’s bad for you and no ˜I can’t help myself’ is not an excuse. ˜the heart wants what it wants‘ is a stupid song basically indicating that if you’re so in love with someone, it’s okay to beat yourself over it every day and its okay if he’s the one doing the beating.

Emotional abuse is still abuse. Stop thinking he’ll love you, when you know he won’t. You can stop it any time you won’t. Literally you could read this and just think I’m going to put a stop to this longing bull. You’re not a test piece or a mere play for entertainment. Realize your humanity and realize your vulnerability and then realize your strength. Putting a stop to it is all on you.

If you have to force him to commit, it isn’t love. If he doesn’t spend time with you, it isn’t love.

Hesitation means he’s saying no.

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