If You Can’t Talk To Your Partner About These 7 Things, Then Your Relationship Is Doomed

You should always feel safe to talk to your partner about absolutely anything in life. If you truly love one another, then you wouldn’t have trouble with just actually laying everything out on the table. You should always be able to have a discussion with your partner about anything that you might want to get off your chest. In a healthy and strong relationship, communication is always going to play an important factor. And you would never really be able to make a relationship work unless you show a willingness to have awkward and difficult conversations with one another.

Yes, you might have a few disagreements or arguments here and there. But that all comes with the territory of actually being in a relationship with someone. That’s part of the process. There are just conversations that all couples need to have if they want to ensure the longevity of the relationship. No matter how uncomfortable, awkward, or challenging these discussions might be, they are still important.

You have to know that the way that you and your partner converse with one another in your relationship is going to tell you a lot about how strong you are as a couple and whether or not you have what it takes to go the whole way. At the end of the day, communication is really the only way that the two of you can resolve whatever issues might exist in your relationship. Communication is the only way for the two of you to really get closer together to one another. It’s the best way to build intimacy in the relationship.

That’s why you shouldn’t really feel bad if the two of you have occasional fights or arguments in the relationship. It shows that the two of you care deeply about making things work. It shows that you are still passionate about making the relationship last. It shows that you are both still so invested in the relationship and that you’re willing to go through these difficult discussions just so you can find a way to meet each other halfway.

That’s the hallmark of a true loving romance. You would much rather be in that kind of relationship than one that just totally avoids having discussions and conversations altogether. If you feel like you and your partner aren’t really capable of talking about the following things, then your relationship is really doomed:

1. The future of your relationship.

If you can’t talk about the future of your relationship, then it really doesn’t have a future. It’s just as simple as that. You and your partner always need to be able to discuss your plans with one another so that you can make sure to accommodate each other in your lives.

2. Financial matters and philosophies.

If you are going to have a long-term relationship with one another, finances are eventually going to come into play. And that means that the two of you need to have a conversation about your financial philosophies. You both need to talk about a sustainable way of managing your finances together.

3. Your sexual desires.

Sex is always going to play a vital role in the relationship. You are always going to want to work on building the level of physical intimacy between yourself and your partner. And that means discussing to one another whatever sexual needs or desires you might have. It shouldn’t really have to be an awkward conversation at all.

4. Your misgivings and fears in the relationship.

It’s only natural that you would have certain fears or things in the relationship that would give you displeasure. And you can’t be hiding these things from your partner. You should always be letting them know of any unsettling feeling that you might be dealing with on the inside.

5. Your stances on politics, religion, and overall mortality.

You must always be able to talk to one another about political, religious, or moral philosophies even if it means that you’re going to end up getting in a heated debate. These principles and values help make up who you are on the inside. And that means that depriving your partner of these details is essentially lying to them about who you really are.

6. Your parenting philosophies.

If you’re going to become parents in the future, then you need to be able to talk about that as a couple. You need to discuss your philosophies as parents. And you need to be able to discuss what your approaches to parenting might be.

7. Your love for one another.

And of course, you are always going to want to feel safe to express your love and adoration for your partner. If you feel like you aren’t free to tell your partner how much you love them, then something is inherently wrong with your relationship. That means that you don’t trust them enough to let them understand just how much you love them.

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