If You Care About Someone, Show Up For Them

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Stop keeping your eyes glued on your social media feeds. Get your hands off of your cellphone. Just enjoy each other’s company.

There is absolutely no doubt that when you deeply care about a person, you would always make it a point to prioritize that person. You would always commit to that person regardless of the situation. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going through hard or easy times. You have to be there for that person. You have to be readily available for that person at all times. You have to know that love should always be consistent especially during difficult times. You can’t just show up on the bright days. You have to be willing to show up when there is heavy rain and stormy weather too. Be there for that person not because you feel compelled to be; not because you are being coerced into doing so; but because you genuinely want to. Be there because you know you are always meant to be by that person’s side. It’s easy to be there for someone when it’s convenient. It’s easy to be there for someone when there is no trouble. But it’s so much more meaningful when you are actually there for someone when the situation isn’t ideal. 

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You have to persist in your love. It has to be unconditional. Your love should be omnipresent in the relationship. It must always be there. You must learn how to love your partner even when flaws and imperfections just overpower your senses. You have to learn how to love and care for your partner even when they aren’t acting their best. Your love must be able to survive despite the fact that you are flawed people who stumble every once in a while. You break down and you fall every so often, but your love continues to survive. The toughest times are when love really matters; they are when love is really necessary. They are when love just can’t die. 

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If you truly deeply care about a person, then you should always respect that person enough to give them your full attention. Stop keeping your eyes glued on your social media feeds. Get your hands off of your cellphone. Just enjoy each other’s company. Get lost in deep conversations with each other. Create a safe space for one another. Let your thoughts and your words wander the vast expanse of the universe. And if you just happen to run out of words; just sit and stare at each other’s eyes. Be content with the fact that you’re together. Establish an emotional connection with one another. Never allow anything to distract you from the fact that you are spending quality time with each other. Allow no obstructions to come your way. Talk about your dreams; the dreams that you have for yourself; the dreams that you have for each other. Disagree with each other. Laugh with one another. Cry together. Learn something new. Teach something new. Grow and educate one another. Just learn to live in the present and to not let a single moment slip by unnoticed. 

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When you truly deeply care about a person, then you should never be shy about letting your feelings be known. You should always express your love and affection for one another. You should be willing to articulate your feelings openly. You shouldn’t be hiding beneath a blanket of security. Allow yourself to be more vulnerable. Open yourself up more for the sake of love. Know that you should be able to trust one another with your feelings and your emotions. Let that person know just how much you really care; let that person know just how invested you are in each other. Don’t be afraid to let that person know just how far you’re willing to go for them. Also, do not just be content with words. Transcend mere verbal declarations of affection. Show that person just how much you care with your actions. Walk the talk. Actually do what you say. Yes, words are great, but actions will always be more meaningful. Don’t hesitate to express your love with meaningful gestures and acts. Make them actually feel how you’re feeling. Assure them of what you’re saying. 

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When you truly care about a person, you have to learn to be good to that person. Treat that person nicely. Don’t be selfish. Always be thoughtful and generous. Don’t grow complacent. Don’t just settle into a routine. You have to know that you should never be content with staying in a rut. Always make an effort to let your partner know just how much love is in your heart. Learn new ways to express your love. Be grand. Be simple. Be outrageous. Be meaningful. Always remember that love is something that you have to just dive into wholeheartedly and that there should be no half measures here. 

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Know that if you love someone, you have to protect that love with all your might. Love is never a sure thing. It is never a guaranteed aspect of life. You always have to fight for it. You have to work hard at it. You always have to learn how to propagate it properly.