If You Ever Cared For Her, Don’t Go Back To Her

Do you remember the days when she used to tell you that she would break or even die if you ever went away from her? And do you remember saying that you would too? Probably not. But if you do, it must have been a lie, a selfish and mandatory reply.

Because you have moved on and she has not; because you found love somewhere else and she broke like she said she would; because you took some hours to move on and she is still where you left her.

Her world started from you and ended up on you. You were the first ray of sunshine that started her day and the last ray of moonlight that ended it. She was beautiful: full of love for life and a taste for laughter; she was a beaming torch in a human body that you put off when you left.

When a girl loves you, she associates everything of herself with you: her expectations, her happiness, her emotions and her investments. She invests her emotions in you and all she wishes to see is the love her investment pays back. All she wants to see is a tall tree rooting from where she planted the seeds and watered them every day of every month. All she wishes to have the fruits of her love in form of your love; all she wants is a payback, a little love, and you denied her that.

Now that you have left, dissociating yourself from everything she kept for and from you, now that you have told her that her love was not divine and that her expectations and happiness might have been at home in him but yours never were in her, please don’t come back. Now that you have chosen to let her survive with a broken heart and now that she is learning to cope with heartbreak while she survives, please don’t come back. – Continue reading on next page

Please don’t come back to give her false hopes again, to make her see a ray of hope that won’t stay around for long. Don’t come back, because if you leave again, she won’t be able to do the hardest thing in her life for a second time, she won’t be able to bear the pain all over again.

She must have made mistakes too, she might be equally responsible for what made you leave her and you must have all sorts of justifications with you, but if you really think that you did the right thing by finding love somewhere else and not clinging to what you thought would not be worthwhile then never look back again. If you ever really felt anything for her in your heart, let her be without you.

When there was time to ask her, to console and to request for a second chance, you let it go. If you chose to let that chance go more than once, do not dare to look back at her again when you miss her out of nowhere someday. You may have the guts to tell her to go back if she comes to you, but she will say yes at once when you go back to her for she loved differently. But if you really care about her even a little bit, do not go back. You will ruin her.

If you have loved truly even once in your life, you will know the pain of heartbreak and you will know it profoundly. You will know that once is not enough and that our heart takes as much as it can as long as it is beating.В – Continue reading on next page

Try to look closer at her quality of love and try to see the fact that she loved you will all her heart and if you, even then, do not feel anything, then at least try to realize that she deserves what she never got from you. She deserves better than everything you put her through.

The million questions she asks herself when you come back to her flood her mind and take over all the other emotions, leaving her numb with confusion and self-pity. When things don’t go right with your current date and you run back to her, all she wants to do is open her arms for you, but she is scared of everything that happened to her the last time she opened her arms to you. Nevertheless, she would readily take you back because that is how much she loves you. If you know any better, you will not come back.

If you know any better, you will find it shallow to put her through all of it all over again. She is a smart woman, a strong yet sensitive person who believes in love and its uniqueness, although she made a mistake in loving the wrong person. You ruined the concept of love for her once, don’t do it again so that she stops believing in it once and for all.

Let her have the time she needs to love herself, to not need someone every second of the day. Let her recover because she needs to and while she does, you try to understand the way a person is loved. Try to understand that words have meanings and meanings grow into expectations. Try to love and try to stay, so that no other girl pities herself for being vulnerable to your love.

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