If You Fight About These 9 Things Early In The Relationship, Then It Isn’t Going To Last

You can tell a lot about the relationship based on the kinds of arguments that you have. Even when you’re still early in the relationship, you will be able to gauge just how strong (or weak) you are as a couple if you try to analyze the things that you fight about. Make no mistake about it. Some of the things that you constantly argue about might prove to be red flags for both of you.

Yes, when things are fresh in the relationship, you’re still trying to get to know one another. And once you are past that initial honeymoon phase and you start to have those real fights, arguments, and disagreements, then that’s when your relationship is going to start to reveal its true colors. That’s why you should be paying really close attention to the things that you’re fighting about with your partner especially when it’s early in your relationship.

If you find that you are fighting about these things, then it’s likely that you aren’t going to be able to go all the way as a couple.

1. You argue about what your relationship is.

If you are still stuck on arguing about what kind of relationship you have, then you know that you’re off to a rocky start.

2. You argue about how he spends his free time.

You shouldn’t really be allowing yourself to be too affected by how he spends his free time outside of the relationship if he’s doing normal things. But if you just can’t seem to accept the way he uses his free time, then you’re probably just incompatible as a couple.

3. You argue because there is a lack of trust.

Trust is something that you need to build over the course of your relationship. However, if you find that that trust is already fragile or maybe even broken at the start of the relationship, then it might be hard for you to recover and gain traction moving forward.

4. You argue about the way that you argue.

Yes, it’s always possible for you to argue about the way that you argue. And if you’re having this kind of argument early in the relationship, then that’s bad. Because if you can’t even come to terms on how the two of you should settle your arguments, it will be hard for you to meet each other halfway on anything.

5. You argue about the way that he looks.

This might be a problem with you more than it is with him. You shouldn’t really be taking his looks too much into consideration when it comes to love and relationships. However, if you find yourself just virtually incapable of swallowing the way that he looks, then that’s terrible news for your relationship.

6. You argue about how you spend your weekend.

You shouldn’t really be arguing about how you should be choosing to spend your time with each other. Yes, you might not always be on the same page. But if you’re already having difficulty compromising on what you both want to do as a couple, then it’s hard to see a way for your relationship to work in the long run.

7. You argue about how he doesn’t listen to you.

During the earlier parts of your relationship, you are always going to want to get to know each other better. But how can you expect him to get to know you if he doesn’t listen to you? This is a big red flag in the relationship and it shows just how little he thinks of you and how disinterested he is in what makes up your personality.

8. You argue about the kind of friends he has.

A person is generally the average of the people they spend most of their time with. And that’s why you should really see it as a red flag if you find yourself feeling upset about the kinds of friends that he has. It’s always important that you surround yourself with people you want to be like.

9. You argue about his inconsistency.

If he’s already inconsistent with you at the start, then it’s very much likely that things are going to stay that way. And consistency is always going to be very important in any kind of relationship – most especially in a romantic one. You can’t find stability in your relationship when there is no consistency.

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