If You Have Any 4 Of These Traits, You Have The Most Unique Personality In The World

According to Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung, peoples’ personalities are generally represented by the following attributes: sensitive – intuitive, extroverted – introverted, judging – perceiving, and thinking – feeling. There are tests to determine peoples’ personality types – and the results of the test often reveal which initials are best used to describe your personality.

And if you happen to get the INFJ personality type, you would be composing the most unique and rarest personality type in the world. You are introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging. You are the type of person who, when you look at a room full of people, you tend to notice two or three of those people who stay quiet and are just noticing what is happening all around them.

If this personality type actually applies to you, then you are the rarest type of person. You aren’t necessarily shy, but you are introverted. And there is so much more to you than meets the eye. There is much depth to your character.

If you’re interested in getting to know more about the INFJ personality, then you should read on until the end of this article. These are traits that you would find in an INFJ personality.

1. You focus on only the important things.

You don’t really pay attention to the pointless and shallow stuff. People often say that you are snobbish because of this. But the truth is that you only really like to value the most important things in life.

2. You have a reputation for being a hard worker.

You are a very hard worker. You know that things will never get done unless you actually put in the necessary work and effort to achieve those things. You believe in the value of working hard for the things that you want the most in this life.

3. You really know how to trust your intuition.

You are someone who really knows how to listen to your gut and your intuition. Your intuitiveness is at a level that is quite rare in the world. Whenever your instincts are telling you that something is off, you are always able to trust them and hear them out.

4. You only have a few close friends.

You aren’t really the type of person who is known to have large groups of friends. You don’t have the biggest social circle out there. You are someone who has a solid core group of friends that you like to surround yourself with. And these are the people you know you can really rely on to be there for you at all times.

5. You are deeply empathetic.

You always know how the people around you are feeling. It’s the empathy in you that allows you to read the moods of other people so easily. You are even able to tell how other people are feeling without them even having to say a single word to you. Your powers of empathy are just that strong.

6. You are skilled at reading other people.

You are so good at just reading other people. You have a way to just see past through peoples’ masks and facades. Whenever someone is lying to you, you know it right away. You aren’t easy to fool or deceive. You have a way of just seeing right through people.

7. You have a very creative mind.

You are such a creative spirit. You have a mind that usually just thinks out of the box all the time. A lot of people are usually amazed at the unique perspectives and ideas that you are able to offer to them. You are one who has a reputation for throwing out of left field.

8. You effortlessly inspire the people around you.

You have a way of just naturally inspiring the people around you. You like to do your own thing and you like to do so unapologetically. You don’t care about what other people think about what you’re doing. Once you know that you’re in the right, you get really passionate about it and you inspire others to be the same way.

9. You have a love for writing.

You are one of the few people in the world who actually ENJOY the art of writing. Most people typically shy away from putting pen to paper. They don’t really like putting their thoughts into writing. But you enjoy it. You find a profound joy of translating all of your ideas into written words.

10. You are a skilled problem solver.

You aren’t really someone who gets easily flustered whenever you get stuck in a problem. You don’t panic. You try to look at things rationally and analytically. You always try your best to work your way around a problem instead of just allowing yourself to get crushed underneath all of the pressure. You like to work yourself out of a bind.

  1. All these are highly practical & useful in developing our day to lives. I humbly request all f you to test these in practice & adhere to them where ever productive to you

  2. I have to say wow. It was so well written. I have all these plus alot more. It’s also a curse and a lot of heartache even if it’s not their /our burden. We need to have everyone comfortable in being their selves so we can be comfortable with our company.

  3. I’ve been told many things and id’d as stated above. However, I’m a firm believer and follower, of everyone is unique, personality or otherwise. I read articles such as these for entertainment and apply no subscription. Though they all apply, I prefer myself as common and pass the time studying the world around me.

  4. We are indeed all unique. What is uncommon is meeting someone who is in tune with themselves enough to to be routinely using 4 or more of the traits described. It takes someone who is open to feeling what’s happening around them, without interjecting their own feelings into what they perceive in others and the situations around them.

  5. Yeah, these are some of the power points that INFJ’s have the privilege to naturally function with in our daily lives. Characteristics that I’m proud to be operating with, even with the profound difference and separation from those around us, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. In conjunction with my INFJ personality traits, I’m a master number 11 in numerology, I identify as a sigma male, and libra is my sign. Uniquely each of these identifiers orchestrate well together in the human nature that I am. So to be bluntly honest, with the intuition that I have, I don’t believe that any of the previous six people that have left comments here are INFJ personality types. Each of them are not intune with words they choose to write, their writing skills are weak, and mostly it’s unclear on what is trying to be said. So no matter how we identify ourselves, always remember to be truthful to yourself. Inner peace to everyone, take care.

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