If You Lie About These 9 Things In Your Relationship, It Isn’t Going To Last

Lies are always a slippery slope. And that’s why you always want to be treading lightly whenever you go through bouts of dishonesty in your relationship. You never want your partner to feel like they can’t trust you especially when it comes to the big and serious matters in life. You always want to be honest with one another as much as possible. A lot of the time, the level of honesty in the relationship is directly correlated to the strength of love between two people.

Sure, it might be okay to tell a little white lie here and there if you truly know that it’s for the good of your partner and the relationship. But for the most part, lying is selfish and it’s a blatant act of disrespect and betrayal towards the person you are supposedly in love with. If you find that you are actually lying about these 9 things in your own relationship, then it clearly isn’t going to last.

1. You lie about your emotional availability.

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If you say that you’re emotionally available to someone even when you know that you’re clearly not, then you are doing a disservice to both yourself and to the person that you’re with.

2. You lie about your past.

Lying about your history is lying about who you are. Remember that your past has helped shape and define you as a person. And you want to always give your partner a better glimpse into the true nature of your personality. And that includes opening up about your past and your history.

3. You lie about financial issues.

There are so many relationships that have been wrecked as a result of financial issues. And you never want to be keeping your partner in the dark about that most especially if you’re already sharing your financial assets as a couple.

4. You lie about whether or not you want kids.

Ultimately, most people get into relationships with the purpose of forming families in the future. However, if you don’t subscribe to that kind of typical life path, then you need to be upfront with your partner about it. Your relationship won’t last if you will never be able to talk about or come to terms with this issue.

5. You lie about being unfaithful.

Cheating is something that is never going to be good for a relationship. However, there is evidence that shows that it’s still possible for couples to bounce back from bouts of infidelity. But if you continually lie about cheating on your partner, then you’re making it harder for your relationship to have a chance at working out.

6. You lie about your physical (or mental) health.

Health is never a joking matter in the relationship. You always want to make sure that you stay honest with one another as far as your health is concerned. When it comes to true love, it’s always in sickness and in health. But you have to first come clean about whatever health issues you might be dealing with.

7. You lie about your relationship expectations.

Whenever you get into a relationship, it’s perfectly normal for you to have certain expectations for your partner and the relationship. You are going to want certain things out of the relationship. And in order for you to have those expectations met, you need to be completely honest about them.

8. You lie about your sexual needs.

Sex is always going to be one of the most important facets of any modern relationship. And you can’t be lying about your sexual needs at all. As a couple, you need to both work together to make sure that your needs for physical intimacy are always being met.

9. You lie about lying.

And of course, whenever you lie to your partner about something serious, you always want to make sure that you come clean about that lie. You don’t want to end up covering that lie with more and more lies. You’re just going to end up digging that hole deeper and deeper for yourself.


At the end of the day, you always want to make it a point to stay honest and true with the person you’re in a relationship with. You always want to make sure that you never keep them in the dark about the important things. You never want them to feel like you would so willingly betray them or deceive them. They are your partners and they have a right to know everything that you do.

If you find yourself lying to your partner about the things listed in this article, then it’s highly likely that your relationship just isn’t going to last. These are things that you should always come clean to your partner about.

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